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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | MAJOR

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | MAJOR
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Nach dem Debüt "Perversion for profit" schlagen 3K Static erneut den Bogen zwischen der politisierten Electronica der 80er Jahre und dem gegenwärtigen Listening-Techno. So gemahnen die Soundcapes auf "The great republic" einerseits an Acts wie Meat Beat Manifesto oder Cabaret Voltaire, andererseits haben die produktionstechnische Finessen von etwa den Künstlern des britischen Warp-Labels ebenfalls ihren Einfluss positiv geltend gemacht. So funktioniert die Musik gleichsam fordernd in den heimischen vier Wänden, wie auf dem Dancefloor. Im Vordergrund stehen jedoch vor allem die vielschichtigen rhythmischen wie melodischen Muster, die zu einem ausgefeilten Hörgenuss zusammenfinden. Das zudem die gegenwärtige amerikanische Medien- und Polit-Kultur auf dem Prüfstand steht, vertieft den Anspruch des Werkes. - Cargo Records Germany

3kStatic nach den Gesetzen des amerikanischen Marktes eindeutig "gegen den Strich" positioniert: Techno und House genießen bei weitem nicht den Stellenwert verglichen mit dem europäischen Kontinent, politische Positionen wie 3KStatic sie eindeutig beziehen, sind in der US-Musikszene nach wie vor eine Ausnahme. Auch fühlen sich 3KStatic europäischer Musikkultur verpflichtet: Acts wie Cabaret Voltaire und Meat Beat Manifesto haben inhaltliche wie hörbare Spuren hinterlassen. - Cargo Records Germany

Excerpted from my Top 10 Albums for 2004 list (where it placed ninth):

Picked up for reviews by Communist newspapers in Germany due to its political content, this album of downtempo and danceable electronica managed to chart several singles and sell steadily on both sides of the Atlantic in spite of those cerebral overtones. One-man wunderkind Dean Capone is Tampa’s answer to Public Enemy. Now, what was the question again?

---- John Brassil
- Nashville Rage

by Colin Wright

Straight from the powerful opening track, All The Way Alive, this album is banging.

Voltage Drop and Beyond Recognition are pure brilliance - their beats leave me with wanting more.

Thankfully my fave 3kStatic track Glamorous Decay is on this album - with its fantastic mixing and use of samples this is gonna be a hard album to follow.

Buy it or lose out. - The Greedy Eye.com

FROM LEVEL 47 Magazine (Germany) -

George W. Bush's wohl positivster Einfluss der auf die Kreativitat von Kunstlern. So auch bei, wo man unschwer die poltische Richtung erkennen kanr. Unabhangig davon sehen 3kStatic Music nich: nur als Ausdruck kunstlerischen Schaffens, sonders als Plattform politscher Statements. Das ist nun warlich nicht nue, wurde hier abier auf sehr angenehme Weise ungesetzt. Foderrnde Beats wie bei 'One Of Us' oder das liassige 'The Dangers of Aiming Too High" zeigen, dass die funf jahre das Debut Album gut genutzt wurden. Ein durch gelungenes Album, welches seibst bei so kommerzeil fixierten Sendern wie MTV Anklag findet. So hort man immer wieder Stucke bei, 'Real World/, was ihnen verdientes breites Publikum beschafft.

- Level47 (Germany)

3kStatic runs clearly against the positions of the American market: Techno and House do not have the market presence in the US, and electronic music with a political stance is an exception still is in the US music scene.

Also, 3kStatic is influence more heavily by European music culture: Acts such as Cabaret Voltaire leave traces of infuence, as does Meat Beat Manifesto...

- WrestleMedia (Germany)

Created in 1999, he USA project 3kStatic comes with a sound-rich statement to the US presidency election fight. Five years it thus took, for Dean Capone, Justin Katz (A.k.A. Hook the Captain) and the Mr. Kilzer & Siegel (no, not the Ralph) the time as come regarded, around their political opinions effectively.

They sound, as if their main bread acquisition in the creation of commercials... or whether they nevertheless much rather make in film music? They benefit obviously in addition, when tinkering at binding sound collages consisting of spoken quotations, exotic single sounds, background sequences and more diversely, electronically generated popular music. "Perversion: For profit "is CD, it gradually to discover applies: exciting music with political CUT UP quotations, those above all to the American Way Of Life.)

- Partysan Magazine (Germany)

Criticism of the system within the system with the means of the system: that is a problem and task within contemporary pop music, and something this record actually has. The US electronic release positions itself accordingly, aligning itself with Richard H. Kirk and Burroughs exactly the same as with MTV and dances to the contradiction. Always these contradictions, but dialectic can be so beautiful...

- Die Terz

“So, So Sad,” the opening cut, is another great example of the band’s weird experimentalism. A trip-hoppy cut which is as creepy as Portishead, “So, So Sad” sees the band giving the keyboard a break again and making noise with conventional instruments. The creepiness on this cut is provided by Annette Strean’s vocals, whose brilliant singing sounds like a yearning PJ Harvey

--- Vish Iyer - The Daily Vault

...classy and creative arrangements here are hard to resist. Put a little thought into your next trip to the club.

---aidabet.com - Aiding & Abetting



Not Art (Released 10.27.09)
Warkrmnl (Released 09.08.09)
So What Now, New Soul? (Released (08.25.09)
Sugar Evolver with Kevin Max (Released 07.19.09)
Projected Tones Remixes (Released 04.15.09)
Evolver (Released 02.17.09)
Return to Mono (Released 09.16.08)
Discomaniacs IV (Released 07.18.08)
Groove at the Point of a Breakdown (Released 07.15.08)
The Big Space (EP) (Released 06.20.08)
The Big Space - Remixes) (Released 05.12.08)
Voodoo Science (Released 01.29.08)
Worked Over Nasty: Singles (Released 11.15.08)
Real Over Virtual, Vol 1 (Unreleased Tracks) (Released 06.05.07)
Other Ideals: The Best of 3kStatic (Released 03.27.07)
Pulled Backward: Unreleased Tracks 2001-2004 (Released 04.07)

Where's Our Piece of the Groovy World? - 2006
Cut Up//Liberate - 2005
Monument EP - 2005
The Great Republic - 2004
Perversion: For Profit - 2004
Conspiracy - 2003
Atomic Secrets - 2003


Council Housed and Violent (2008)
Ma-Ma-Ma Belle (2008)
The Music b/w End Of The Reel -2005
All The Way Alive (promo)
Drumbeat Litany - 2003


One Of Us (Maxi) - 2003
Brutal Realities (Maxi) - 2002
Parallel Rush (Maxi) - 2002



Heavily inspired by the post-punk angst of early electronic/industrial music pioneers, 3kStatic fuses Dadaist cut-up techniques with elements of house, trip hop, and IDM to create an often harsh, inflammatory, and ardently activist social view that has seen its releases reviewed by political journals as well as the music press.

Having recently embarked on a more extensive live schedule that, in 2006, included the inaugural Clover Festival and a night at New York's legendary rock club The Knitting Factory (where they appeared immediately after Ice-T and Body Count), the band's 2006 album Where's Our Piece of the Groovy World? quickly became the most successful 3kStatic digital release - hitting #1 (iTunes Spain Dance Chart) and also charting Top 5 (Dance) in Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland.

The follow up album 'Voodoo Science' - featuring an eclectic swath of collaborators from the rock, hip-hop and electronica circuits, has to date charted nine tracks on various reporting charts.

A long-time staple on the soundtrack of MTV's "The Real World" and "Road Rules", the band released 'Other Ideals: The Best of 3kStatic 1999-2007) in 2007 on the dPulse/INgrooves labels.