Larry Licup (a.k.a. 3L) was first exposed to electronic music culture in 1995. Frequent visits to clubs and events such as Fever, Sunday Mass, Rise, Ultraworld, Circle and Local 13 parties thrown in Baltimore and Philadelphia, mixed with his love for the music transgressed into a hunger to connect with the energy between it and the people.

"I was just amazed how the DJ would control the crowd and keep a good vibe going. I felt so motivated to be behind the decks and have that feeling where the vibe is right and you're just really feeling the moment."

In 1996, Larry graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Graphic Design. 1996 also marks the year Larry embarked on his own creative music venture, as a DJ. His artistic nature allowed for him to be open enough to explore all realms of music from hip hop to drum and bass and from house to techno.

Over time he has developed a keenness for sounds and a need to connect. He and his brother Ray, a selector of Drum and Bass, became familiar with more artists, DJ's and the true sound of the music and culture. Deeply connected to their childhood roots which go back to Michigan, Larry sites his brother, as being a major artistic influence, as they both "came up" together in electronic culture. The club scenes and DJ's compelled him to go back and visit Michigan, where he discovered more of a climaxed tranquility in the club arenas. A feeling he aspires to reach everytime he plays.

All the time shopping at 611 Records and trading tapes seem to pay off when he befriended Carl Michaels and Kevin V. Impressed with Larry's style, he was later offered to play at their Philadelphia Experiment night with their collective, PSC(Philly Soul Collective), at a club called Silk City. With a good ear and an obvious energy for the music and crowd, other nights followed with the PSC.
He has and will continue to take a hold of the music and place it in a manner where you don't know where the surface of your skin ends and the music begins.

"I am not sure of what the future holds but, I feel I am going to do everything I can to find out." -3L


Hello Mr. Levinson
Rich Black
Online Mixes For Philly Soul Collective (www.phillysoulcollective.com)
Various mixes sent, handed out or made for people and my collective of friends

Set List

No two sets are the same! A set can last anywhere from one to two hours. Rotating with other DJs during a show is a definite possibility.