We enjoy to play our music, all is about music, not religion, not creed,not borders, not human race, we are living in a world that is changing, so we add some songs in english n some in spanish, and why not , may be in some other languajes . We want to cross all the borders with our music.


With 3 and a half years as a band and finishing their first album 3Lunas are looking to gain ground on the metal scene. 3Lunas is composed of three brothers: Carlos luna voice and lead guitar, Alex Luna Bassguitar, Noe Luna Drums and Voice. But can Metal be played with "just" three guys???? Most people say no, but the answer is F*ck yeahhh!!!!! They played in local venues as well as some big ones where they have shared the stage with big names to the roaring sound of 5000 Metal funs. Bringing their own flavor to Metal with lyrics in both, english and spanish and some songs up to 9 minutes long, you can't expect less than great kick ass Metal with lots of armony and melody from 3Lunas. When asked 3Lunas first album, they said "what we are doing in this album is trying to do our best as mucisians. some lyrics are in english and other in spanish we'll probably make more in different languages ...who care, its all about music: not religion, not creed, not borders, not human race. We just enjoy to play metal Music. Dont pass up the opportunity to see 3Lunas perform live and judge for your self whether or not they can deliver hard pounding Metal. If you like to learn more about 3Lunas please feel free to post or email your message. With great appreciation for you growing support we thank you...3Lunas

Set List

We usually play around 30 min. or 45 min. in one set, we try to do not spend the time just talking, the fans want to have fun, we start playing with our own songs: 1.-Evolucion.2.-Dark Side. 3.-Purificame. 4.- welcome to Hell. 5.-Sentimiento 6.- The Haunted (cover) 7.-Devil inside. 8.-Try To Kill Me. 9.- judas priest (cover )