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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Viva la cash!"

"A hatful of chart hits and big money spinners amongst this collection of ten. Hollywood film credits beckon, with guitar wibbling solos just made for accompanying 2000 names rushing past your eyes. Let's be fair, 3milehigh are a talented bunch, enjoying every part of their craft and if they can get in front of an American record company executive then viva la cash!"
- Leeds Music Scene

"These guys have the talent to make it big"

The first song on this album certainly launches it off well, with heavy guitar riffs you’d be forgiven for expecting a much heavier sound than the rest of the album delivers. There is certainly a market for 3milehigh in the music industry, with their heavier songs having an element of Feeder’s middle ground genre in them, along with songs such as ‘Adrenalin’ and my personal favourite ‘Fall From Grace’ which bare resemblance to new pop acts like Rooster, there’s little doubt that with the right backing these guys have the talent to make it big. My only question is whether they’ll be happy to settle for the pop market in which this success would undoubtedly come. Rating: 7/10

- http://www.heathenangel.co.uk

- Gabrielle Miller - HeathanAngel

"Purveyors of highly polished trans-atlantic rock"

They may be 5 miles short of the Byrds fabled stratospheric reach but Bradford band 3milehigh certainly have their sights set on the heady heights of stardom.
Following a summer and autumn touting their debut album Cardboard World, the four-piece has been garnering some very favourable press attention and has a wealth of exiting new developments in the pipeline.
Anyone who's seen 3milehigh live or managed to get hold of the 10 track Cardboard World (out on GMD Records) will know the band are purveyors of highly polished trans-atlantic rock.
The sound they distill from this has earned them a strong fanbase and gigs nationawide including the HMV new music showcase. - Telegraph & Argus

"3milehigh and climbing"

"Cardboard World is full of accomplished tracks. Their music is first and foremost rock combined with the odd softer ballad with poignant lyrics thrown in for good measure."
"This is a ROCK band with a difference."
I have no doubt these guys will be big."

- Absolute Leeds Magazine

"See you on CD:UK"

"I wouldn't be surprised to see this UK rock band on CD:UK."
"If you love The Rasmus, Feeder and Terrorvision, you'll love 3milehigh." - Sandman Magazine


"This is a rock band that is set to put the UK back on the map worldwide.
"3MILEHIGH's debut album CARDBOARD WORLD is superb." - York TV

"Outstanding debut album"

Great riffs, great lyrics and powerful vocals. This indie rock band has teamed up with a top producer and the results are awesome."
"Outstanding debut album." - BBC Raw Talent Radio.


Released the debut album Cardboard World.
Tracks that are being played on radio are plastic superstar, adrenalin, powerless and love me when you're sleeping


Feeling a bit camera shy


3milehigh draws it’s influences from all walks of music.
"We are a ROCK band and proud of it and we are not precious about what inspires us, in our eyes, regardless of style “good music is good music”.

As the band will tell you, they are not trying to reinvent the wheel but write songs that are for the people, by this they mean catchy melodies, strong hook lines and lyrics that mean something all delivered with the passion and power you would expect from a well oiled stadium rock band.