3P: Platinum Plus Playboyz

3P: Platinum Plus Playboyz

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We are a dynamic young trio, that has the right stuff for music business. We produce and write ourselves, and we are very Marketable!! We are very humble and cool with everybody. We can keep the crowd dancing, and fill a empty place. Also, we gone blow your speakers out!


This dynamic trio whose home base is St. Louis, consist of members T. Quest (Anthony Doss Jr.), Young Sco (John Cubb Jr.), and Tha Kid aka TI Baby (Tyrus Ivory Jr.). 3P style has been described by some as flamboyant, others say straight hood, and some say party bangers, but all say something new and hot. From their cutting edge beats, courtesy of Wayco Sound, they have the right stuff to keep the club jumping. As young adults they have to far go the pressures of life, personal struggles, the music business, and still keep a grip on reality. The Playboy story begins in the North Side part of St. Louis, at Cardinal Ritter High School, where during their freshman year T. Quest, Young Sco, and Tha Kid meet each other. At the time 3P was just another click of raunchy boys. T. Quest says: For the first two years 3P was just another high school click like any others with about 20 deep. We were at every party, messed wit a bunch of girls, and hanged out everywhere. "We were never serious nor considering music as a career. Like all new things it started as just something for us to do, says Sco. We would record, but it was just for fun; at the time we was all about getting our licenses, because we where tired of our parents taking us everywhere. Things turn serious for each member when different events started to happen. Man thing got hard for us, we all had to go to different schools because of finance, people where losing love ones like father, cousin and a brother, life was kicking our butts, says Tha Kid! Thats when Quest and Sco mention about them rapping and asked for him to join. The group was recording music on featured songs, but still had no name for themselves. We thought this was going to be easy, says T.Quest. We never thought it would be a walk in the park, or cheap, but we just thought our lit stuff would blow up and that was it. The name 3P (Platinum Plus Playboyz) was decided as the official group name. We finally had a name, but the production that was available wasnt our style, says Kid. The group finally found a super producer, who was a friend, by the name of W. Murphy, who is head of Wayco Sound. We hunged out with this dude, but didnt nobody know he made beats! We listed to a couple of tracks and took it over from there! From there 3P took off and is now in the process of completing their very first debut Triple Mixtape Vol. Cd! The Volumes are to be release simultaniously! 3P just didnt stop there; they expanded more by adding members into the 3P Click, but keeping themselves as a group. New members included: Stephy aka ..1 Playgirl, T-black, Block, and Young Wood. The chemistry between all of us is ridiculous, everything clicks no matter what, and it helps that we are all long time friends. Everybody stays on top of each other to get the job done. Only 19 and 20 these group of boys says, that they are ready for the world to hear their voice and see their talents. Unknown to many now, this trio looks to have the blueprint ready, and is steady on the grind. We have something nobody has ever heard from beats, to lyrics, to songs, we do it all ourselves! Full of energy this group is ready to reach the top, with music that is unique, and something they say is for every fan. Our music is very versatile in the sense that we switch up styles from the Dirty South, East and West Coast, and bring it back to the Midwest. It is just a different blend. So look out for this click coming to a hood near you!!!


On tha Grind Vol. 1, Before the Takeova (mixtape -2005)
On tha Gring Vol. 2, Before the Takeova (mixtape - 2006)

Set List

Get Dat Right (4:10)
Stacks on deck
Dem Playboyz