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3 Parts Dead

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Hard Rock




"A Sleazy Rebirth"

Big dirty and sleazy – if that’s how you like it that’s what 3PD has for you- and for some it can’t get any better than that. Born out of the ashes of Pretty Little Suicide a band I first came across years ago at Rocklahoma: 3 Parts Dead takes those years of experience, brings in a few new faces and you end up with a slicker, heavier sound.

Opening track ‘Feed’ is pretty much staple fare for those familiar with their previous incarnation – it’s a song that sticks in your head for all the right reasons and is the best possible introduction to the new band. ‘Party Never Ends’ that follows sounds like it was birthed in the late eighties, but there’s some real grit in those guitars and more of a sound akin to a band like ‘Roxx Gang’ than some of the bigger sleazier names of the day.

That I think is where 3PD win you over: their sound that may well hark back to the days of big hair and ozone depletion but there’s an earthiness there that you never really got with the Poison’s of this world and even Motley were too stylized to capture. Mike’ voice too helps to breathe fresh life into the songs and drag them into the modern day.

‘Everything to You’ is perhaps the most standard sleazy stab here almost verging on a dark kind of pop in another band’s hands it could be an Indie classic, and that’s where you realise that there are a few layers to 3PD.

Our standount though is ‘So Long Girl’ which takes the slower route – starting out like a cowboy sleaze ballad before layering on some sweet backing vocals scattered by a cascading solo. It’s the sort of song that cries out ‘play me at the end of the night’. What I like most of all is the fact that it relies on the backing harmonies to build it up rather than trying to be too obvious before it burst into flames two and a half minutes in. Nice…

To close ‘Tattoo’d Toy’ ups the pace as you might expect, pure sing-along sleaze that delivers an instant fix: If this is a taste of things to come there’s plenty of life yet in 3 Parts Dead… - Mark Diggins

"Band of the Day"

Dateline Boston (what does “dateline” mean, anyway?). Red Socks. Bars where everyone knows your name that are so good even The Wildhearts sing about them.
And 3 Parts Dead, a band who play rock’n’roll. No bells. No whistles. Just guitars, bass, drums and singing. Why mess with a classic formula, yes?
Their 5-track EP demonstrates a style reminiscent (to me) of G’n’R before they went shit (i.e. when they became “Axl and Friends”). While not scaling the heights of an undisputed classic like Appetite for Destruction, it’s a damn good showcase nonetheless.
With a decent mix of tracks culminating in the speedy and dirty “Tattoo’d Toy” (which actually brings to mind Faster Pussycat), it’s definitely worth giving a listen to. And, obviously, purchasing
for a measly four dollars of US origin. People in more affluent countries wipe their arse on toilet roll worth more than that each time they poop. Trust me, your money would be far better
spent on these very excellent five songs. - Moshville Times

"3 Parts Dead EP Review"

There are so many great new bands these days that it is quite difficult to keep up with them all. One of those fresh new groups — originating from Boston and the ashes of Pretty Little Suicide — that has made their way onto the Sleaze Roxx radar is 3 Parts Dead.

The band sounds part sleaze, part rock, and part punk with plenty of attitude. The one distinguishing feature that sets 3 Parts Dead apart is the lead vocals from frontman Mike Patton. Nobody in particular comes to mind when listening to him sing — aside from perhaps L.A. Guns‘ Phil Lewis in some ways — but he does have an original sounding voice.

My favorite track on the 3 Parts Dead EP is definitely “Feed” with its infectious, but fairly basic, guitar riff and the “woah oooh oooh” chorus. I usually don’t notice the drums on songs that much, but on “Feed” Ramon Miquilena‘s drumming is a big part of the song in a good way. “Party Never Ends” is also a good tune overall with another memorable, but different, “woah oooh oooh” chorus. I’m not crazy about the verses during “Party Never Ends” because it feels that Patton is talking more than singing — however the rest of the song is really good, including when the frontman is screaming his vocals before launching into the chorus. Of note is that 3 Parts Dead has a video for “Party Never Ends” that will apparently be released soon.

The one track that I dislike — aside from the sudden and unexpectedly faster part — is the ballad “So Long Girl”. I am just not feeling the ballad portion of the song at all, but when the guitars pick up it sounds a lot like The Who‘s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Frankly, it feels like the band had three very different song ideas and simply plopped them together — the ballad, The Who sounding guitar part, and a guitar solo that makes me cringe. Luckily 3 Parts Dead go back to what they do best during the last track “Tattoo’d Toy”, which is to deliver sleazy faster paced hard rock with scorching guitar riffs and solos, with Patton actually singing and some awesome drumming from Miquilena.

Overall, 3 Parts Dead deliver a strong debut EP and I am looking forward to hearing what they come up with next. - SleazeRoxx


Still working on that hot first release.



3 PARTS DEAD plays rock n' roll with all the subtlety of an atomic bomb. Their brand of fast driving hard drinking rock pummels the senses, taking you on a ride you won't soon forget. And no, they're not going to call you the next day.

Born from the ashes of Pretty Little Suicide, 3PD has hit the ground running. In the 3 years as PLS, they've shared the stage with some of the biggest names in rock (Motley Crue, Hinder, Slash, to name a few), played world famous festivals like Rocklahoma and Rock N America, received worldwide fm and internet radio play, and been featured in international publications like Classic Rock Magazine. Despite this success, the band was plagued since day one with lineup changes. As the lineup evolved, so did the music, and in 2013 with new faces and a new heavier sound, they settled on a new name.

And as 3 Parts Dead, they sound better than ever. The snarling melodies of singer/bassist Mike Patton are positively dripping with attitude, matched by the raunchy playing of lead guitarist Mike "Fitz" Fitzback. That already toxic combination is held together by the thunderously hard hitting Ramon Miquilena behind the kit. The overall effect manages to be heavy yet melodic, screaming at you to sing along even as it smashes into your face.

Rejuvenated by the fresh start, 3PD is starting things off with a bang. Following a CD release party at Boston's legendary Middle East Nightclub (downstairs) new music is already available internationally, and they've already taken their show on the road (including New Years Eve 2013 at the world famous Whiskey a-Go-Go in LA). Which is a good thing, because the best way to experience 3 Parts Dead is live. You might regret it the next morning, but you're guaranteed to love it at the time.

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