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"A Very Pleasant Surprise"

These skilled players weave a variety of sources (some of them unlikely) into a contemporary jazz set that is tight, innovative, and energetic. rooted in funk and tinged with electronica. "Salamander" is the first scat/hip-hop number I've heard.

More conservative then "Galactic" yet innovative enough to bring something new. I Really liked the song "The Score" - Live Music Archives

"3 Peas"

January 22 – January 28, 2004 - Colorado.
Much improvisational music is self-indulgent. When the loosest musical foundation is laid for one whimsical, solo after another, it is certainly self-indulgence – not that there’s anything wrong with that. But the 3 Peas are careful not to cross the line into over-indulgence… - Rocky Mountain Bullhorn

"Album Review - Breathing Room 2006"

Some think of improvisational music the way linguists think of language. To them it is communication between people – an interchange of emotions, ideas and energies with tangibles and intangibles. Local groove gurus the 3 Peas have finally put down on wax their unique blend of musical conversation and discussion.

Breathing Room, the long awaited release from the Fort Collins trio, is a collection of recorded and live lessons in what improvisational music is at its most pure core: controlled spontaneous chaos. To think the 3 Peas would release anything less professional than their live shows would obviously be wrong. Breathing Room does not disappoint. For loyal 3 Peas fans, or for new comers, un-anointed into the jazz-fusion group’s growing legion, the album is sure to make feet tap and paste a grin on all who pop it in.

Tracks like “Chill Tune,” which was recorded live at the 3 Peas’ spiritual home stage in the Aggie Theatre, and “Rhumbalito,” are precise takes on what the band does a bit more loose and free on stage. Without sacrificing any of the energy or force, 3 Peas have created in Breathing Room an album than manages to elude a pitfall many jambands face in trying to capture live songs on tape. This is a noteworthy accomplishment, especially for such young musicians.

But don’t let the veneer of cool fool you. 3 Peas are a professional caliber jazz-jam outfit. The ease with which these guys play is the result of tireless practicing and live performances. In a town that can easily become saturated by a band, percussionist Evan Carrol, bassist Joe Prinzivalli and keyboardist Vincent Denis, have managed to stay desirable and new, even though many of us still want them to get a guitarist! That ability to walk the line between familiarity and freshness is something few bands possess.

3 Peas marry jazz philosophy with soul-slappin’ funk, wandering reggae, hip-hop,and Afro-Cuban break beats. These influences craft the rhythmic potency and contagious groove that defines their sound

Be sure to support local music by picking up your copy of Breathing Room. Check out the 3 Peas live at the Breathing Room release show at the Aggie Theatre April 8 2006 at 8 p.m. For more information visit www.3peasfunk.com - Scene Magazine – By Joe Shipley


Breathing Room - 2006



Founded in 2002 from the fusion of Joe Prinzivalli’s thick, melodious bass, with the raw, elegant keys and of Vincent Denis, within a cornucopia of cross-cultural, percussive expressions from Evan Carroll, this three-piece ensemble delivers a unique, infectious experience that appeals to a diverse audience. In a few months, 3 Peas expanded their fan base like wild fire across the Front Range of Colorado, drawing venues to capacity, consistently. Through regular practice and gigs, opening for national acts* or headlining regional venues, 3 Peas have evoked attention from various press outlets, record distributors, and numerous fans.

*Ozomalti, Israel Vibrations, Om Trio, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Tea Leaf Green, Robert Walters 20 th Congress, Victor Wooten, Buckethead, Toots and the Maytals, John Scofield, (et.al.).

The creative combination of improvisation upon deep structure enables the 3 Peas to accommodate to different environments and atmospheres, having played for small, intimate gatherings, wedding receptions, and benefits of philanthropy as well as large concert halls such as the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, the Aggie Theatre, the Soiled Dove, and Cervantes.

Evan "Animal" Carroll - Drums
Evan Michael Carroll received an early introduction to music from his loving family. When he was five years old his older brother Ian taught him to play the drum kit. Evan immediately found music to be an extraordinary outlet for emotional expression as he became aware of rhythm and melody. His mother Florence enrolled him in piano and drum lessons which he continued into his adolescence. From ages twelve through sixteen Evan joined the Colonial Musketeers Drum & Fife Corp. hailing out of Hackettstown New Jersey.

In the Musketeers Evan earned discipline through regiments of marching in unison while playing rudiments on big snare drums with thick sticks. Through his pivotal teenage years, Evan learned to develop his ear for music and improvisation while exploring the infinite possibilities of music with Joseph Cirotti and Eric Curley. Throughout high school the desire for music grew with his discovery of stadium rock concerts and the intimate power of music in social gatherings.

In 2001, Evan journeyed to Colorado, where he is currently finishing a degree in Anthropology from Colorado State University. Only a few days upon arriving in Fort Collins with his drum kit, Evan met Vincent Denis with whom he began playing in a local blues, funk band called Likewise. This experience introduced Evan to the Front Range music scene. In the aftermath of an accident that indefinitely held Likewise in hiatus, Vincent and Evan sought to continue playing music. When they met Joseph Prinzivalli in the fall of 2002, the three recognized their strong musical connections, proficiencies and communication and from this 3 Peas was born.

Joe "Fro" Prinzivalli - Bass
Joe was born in New York City on January 7 th 1981. In the last decade he has played with a number of bands and individuals; styles varying from Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz and Funk. Today, his musical expression is a culmination of the essence of all the players he played with as well as the music he has listened to.

His main influences are Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, John Paul Jones and James Jamerson.

Vincent Denis - Keyboards
Vincent was born on May 18th 1971 in Meulan, France. He came from France 8 years ago with a musical background in Jazz-Fusion-Reggae.

He loves to play syncopated rhythmic keyboard parts. Vincent mainly plays a Rhodes Electric Piano, his VK7 Combo Organ, a Clavinet D6 and a Korg Triton Extreme.

After spending over 4 years in a rock-blues local band from Fort Collins called Likewise, Vincent met Evan Carroll, 3 Peas’ drummer/percussionist, who spent also 1 year with Likewise, starting the foundations of a musical entity. Joseph Prinzivalli brought to this new creation, powerful vibes and rhythms that opened the door for the 3 Peas.

Vincent is inspired by every type of music but essentially Jazz/fusion. To him, the 3 peas is a result of over 15 years of playing music from Rock band to reggae music to this trio jazz/fusion formation.