The next best thing to sex and porn


3PU blends metal, early punk, hardcore and black metal with lyrical subject matter consisting of bizarre sexual fetishes, political corruption, greed, war, over indulgence and human betrayal. The story is....BigStick and G-String were in search of an outlet to capture their many years of jamming together. Mykil, a long time acquaintance and friend, offered to accommodate the noise making duo by lending his recording expertise and studio time. During the first studio session, Mykil asked G-String if he had written lyrics to include with the music that they were about to record. G-String broke out a file of lyrics and handed them over to Mykil. None of these lyrics had previously been put to music. Mykil, after reading several of the songs, was taken back as the lyrical content nearly matched his own writing style. Mykil then shared his lyrics with G-String, many which were written during Mykils service and deployment in the early nineties Gulf War. The feeling was mutual and a lyrical bond was formed between Mykil and G-String. Some of Mykil's lyrics had festered for years just waiting to come to fruition. G-String had written lyrics as early as 1989 and similarly Mykils as far back as 1993. The lyrics previously had no true home until 3PieceUnit's formation. Mykil asked if he could lay down vocal tracks during the jam session. On the fly. Selecting lyrics that fit the music. Both G-String and BigStick were flattered that Mykil would want to be a part of the project. The band was now officially formed and ready to release their energy of united sound. "Fallen" was the first of many 3PU creations. The 3PU recording method is completely unconventional. The 3PU tracks on this site are all unrehearsed, one take, live recordings. Guitar, drums and vocals are all volatile, passionate and gut wrenching emotions, fueled by a spontaneous energy that could never be duplicated during a multiple rehearsal process. Each band member is feeding off the others energy during the recording of each song. The impromptu recording method lends itself to all three members unselfishly contributing what skill they have to the final result. Each member appreciates the energy, time and contribution of the others. Three efforts that merge into one. Kind of like a 3-way. Music is ART.....Should be limitless and hold no boundries.



Written By: MyKil - March 2005

The mysophiliac pathological attraction,
Defiled sexual variations
An uncontrollable devious desire,
Smelling obsessively, all soiled panties

Dig out the recently worn
Sniff and rub until their torn
Into the room where the hamper lies
Thinking of the sluts inner thighs
~sniff, sniff, sniff~
~moan, moan, moan~

Feed my despondent interest in filth and dirt,
The sweet scent summons from undies and skirts
G-string, granny, and period panties
Sniff them all to fuel my fantasies.

So overwhelming is my compulsive lechery
Give me, Give me, It makes me feel free.

Dig out the recently worn
Sniff and rub until their torn
Into the room where the hamper lies
Thinking of the sluts inner thighs

Mysolphilia, Myso—phil--ia

Wicked & Twisted

Written By: MyKil - Nov/Dec 2005

Harsh words & violent blows
Hidden secrets nobody knows
Eyes are open, hands are fisted
Deep inside I'm wicked & twisted

Wicked and Twisted, Morbid and Grim

So many tricks & so many lies
Too many when’s & too many whys
Nobody's special, hell, no one is gifted
I'm just me, wicked & twisted

Wicked and Twisted, Sick as Sin

Sleeping awake, gag on a dream
Listening loudly to a silent scream
Call my mind, the numbers unlisted
Lost in someone so fucking wicked & twisted

Wicked and Twisted, Corrupt and Agonized

On the ground, alive but dead
Look at the cryptic blood I've bled
I'm not gone, my mind has drifted
Don't expect shit cuz I'm wicked & twisted

Burned out, wasted, empty, & hollow
Today is yesterday's fucking tomorrow
The sun died out, the ashes have sifted
I'm still here, still wicked & twisted


Written By: MyKil - April 2005

What the HELL am I?????
A thousand eyes looking...
into the depths of inner thought...
Feel lucky, then in one instant...
Be deceased


I can feel the wheel, but I can't steer
when my thoughts become the fear
Ah, what's the difference? I'll die in this sick fucking world of mine

What the HELL am I???
A leper from inside...
within my mind...
pissed off and diseased...


Chorus 2:
I can see the end is near
I won't rest until my head is clear
Yeah, though I walk through the valley of rape and despair

I tread on a plane of few, with head high and eyes bold
Focus and let pain unfold
Release that which binds the mind
The life since birth has been unkind



Debut Album "Pursuit of Pain" Coming Soon

Set List

1. Hymn to the American People (Intro)
2. The Magic of Hatred
3. Mysophilia
4. MindFuck
5. Fallen
6. No Messiah
7. Wicked & Twisted
8. Pursuit of Pain
9. Sphere of Scorn