3 Questions

3 Questions


Three Questions is a one band movie soundtrack. We have a song and a style for every scene.


Three Questions is Mike Boren on guitar and lead vocals, Shawn Needham on bass and vocals and David Walsh on drums. Founding member Mike Boren had spent years teaching and performing in cover bands as a guitarist but could never find a home for the original songs he had been writng. It wasn't until Mike got fed up trying to find singers that he began to sing the songs himself and things started to fall in place.

Mike had met David Walsh several years before while recording David's high school band "Clockwork". The two met again when David came in to The Guitar Lab for guitar lessons where Mike is the owner and a guitar instructor. After a couple of jam sessions the music was sounding good and David hadn't complained about listening to Mike learn how to sing. What more could you ask for?

Shawn Needham moved from the Boston area and began teaching at The Guitar Lab in 2003. His projects have included the east coast rock band "Cape Fear", the Boston jazz/funk group "Nothing Nice", as well as session work across many genres. Shawn currently plays guitar and composes for "The Shawn Needham Trio" as well as giving "Three Questions" it's jazz/funk bass lines.


Hungry Ghost: 2007

Set List

The Door
Strange Reflections
Four Hands
Another Day
Cool Moon
Going Down
The Bell
Three Blackbirds
Mrs. Circle
Barn Song
I Got You
Rainy Day
Three Questions
All the Same