3rd Below

3rd Below


3rd Below is my alias, but my name is Robby. My music is generally to make people happy and relaxed. I like the feeling of just playing a guitar and letting go.


I have a life dream. It's huge.


The Existentialist E.P.
Lions! Tigers! Covers! Oh my!

I have no radioplay. But I'm streaming 24/7 on plenty of websites.

Set List

I usually play 7-10 songs a set.
My original songs:
From Here On Out, Liar, When Your Best Isn't Enough, The Night Life, Antiquities, We Became Heroes

Fireflies - Owl City, On The Wing - Owl City, I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab for Cutie, First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes, and many more.