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"3rd Class on Balconytv"

"This band is really going somewhere," says the host of Nashville's branch of Balconytv, the international showcase of emerging talent filmed in cities across the globe via rooftops and balconies. Baconytv is selective in the acts it showcases, and 3rd Class made the cut with its distinctive sound which blends elements of hip hop, folk, rap, R&B, and rock. They performed "Evolution", set for release in mid-2013. The band's single, "Electric IV", released in November 2012. - Balconytv Nashville


Still working on that hot first release.



Spend enough time playing out in Nashville and you'll meet everyone in town. That is exactly how the members of 3rd Class came together, each seeing something in each other that created a different sound than any one of them could achieve alone. Each member brings his or her own influences to the table: Chevelle, Dead Sara, 30 Seconds to Mars, Together Tomorrow, Underoath, The Beatles, Jay Z, The Daddybones, Nirvana, Dean Martin, Foster & The People, Neil Young, 50 Cent & GUnit, Glen Hansard, The Commodores, Dave Matthews, The Rolling Stones, Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, and the list goes on.

Audiences are picking up on what 3rd Class is laying down, and the industry is listening as well. "We had to release the single earlier than we had planned due to demand from broadcasters as well as fans." -Chris Stone LLC, the band's management explained.