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3rdRail Poet is a Spoken Word artist that infuses Neo Soul and Hip Hop sounds to get his artistry across.Providing something thats been missing for a long time, putting the soul and life back into music and poetry


3rd Rail Poet, a spoken word artist well-known for his signature socially conscious poem, "Get Them Babies Out the Street," a songwriter for R&B star, Monica, responsible for her first hit record "Don't Take It Personal (jus one of dem days)......3rdRail has played the background of the music industry for quite sometime and has focused the last 10 years on his love and passion for poetry and the art of spoken word.

He has shared stages with the likes of such artist as , HBO Def Poet GEORGIA ME, TOMMY BOTTOMS, BLACK ON BLACK RHYME, HBO DEF POET ROCK BABY, TEURE JONES,HUGGY BEAR Da Poet LOFTON, and many more. 3rd Rail currently hosts a monthly event in Columbus Ga at Club Andres called Soul Sessions presented by his organization ‘JUSTUSPOETS’ on every 1st Thursday of the month.

He has toured many cities and states with Salaam Shaheed of Black on Black Rhyme and has hosted as well as competed in more than 30 poetry slams.
The love for the art form keeps him going, along with the desire to spread a message through the words that he speaks.
3rd Rail has produced 4 Spoken Word cds including a Compilation entitle JustUsPoets Presents “On This Day In Poetry Vol 1” which includes artist from all over the U.S. such as Rock Baby, Salaam Shaheed, Tommy Bottoms, Michael guinn, and many more.

Be on the look out for what 3rd Rail has to offer to the art of poetry and spoken word…..
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Don't Take it Personal (jus one of dem days) Monica
Who Stole Tha Soul ....3rd Rail Poet
My Pen is My Sin.... 3rdRail Poet