3rd side

3rd side


we are an all origional hard rockin high energy band. When you hear our songs you wonder, ( have i heard this on the radio before) . An absolute meld of all the members influences past and present. Sure to entertain your mind, body and spirit!


3rd Side was concieved in the spring 06. We started as a couple of guys hanging out at our drummers house in the barn jamming the classic cover tunes from Priest to Drowning Pool. After a few months of sorting out who would stay and who would go the core of the band was formed by the tight bottom end of Rob Burns on drums and at the time Albert Soto on Bass. Two front men would come and go before the third members spot was secured by Craig Myers on Vocals. The guitar player at that time had to relocate and could not continue with the band. In the lull of activity then bass player Albert decided to pick up a lead guitar and a whole new monster was created. Rounding up a new bass player became the focus and one was soon found. Bassist Mike joined the band and 3rd side was formed. The creative force of the band became obvious to all that would come to listen. The influences of all members from past to present can be heard and felt in 3rd sides music. Priest, Maiden, Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, Godsmack, Alice in Chains just to name a few. This collection of personalities and musical talents will leave you wanting more.


6 song EP ( Evolution ) . We have been played on wxlv 90.3 fm in the Lehigh Valley, Pa, Crossfire radio.com has our music on there regular rotation

Set List

We are an all original band and our set list is usually 45 minutes long. The One, Hell yeah, Blues Hiker, Into the light, Tears of pain, Run Baby, Fabled Faith, Weary Traveler, Sick Game, Breaking the Chains.