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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | MAJOR

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Pop


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"Who's gonna be big in 2009?"

They are: Below (from left) André Wentzel (drums), Justin Versfeld (guitar), Peter Crafford (vocals) and Geran Steyn (bass).

They're from: Cape Town and plan to follow in the footsteps of fellow Capetonians aKing, Van Coke Cartel, Plush, Taxi Violence and Foto Na Dans by opening for them at their gigs in the Mother City.

They won: The Road to V Fest (which has yet to happen.) The comprehensive competition was conducted in four cities across SA and broadcast on MTV base. The finalists then participated in a two- day workshop where they learnt about the intricacies of the music industry before performing as opening acts at the Maroon 5 and One Republic concert in Jozi. On that night 3rd World Spectator were named as the winner.

Their references: Classic rock, electronica, hard rock, opera, indie and pop, which creates an interesting hybrid style all of their own.

Their future plans include: Releasing a debut album, touring and playing the festivals. They are in negotiations with indie record labels with a view of signing to one of them.

One thing you should know about them: They are very specific about their hairstyles.

Why they're gonna succeed: They take themselves and their music very seriously. They are not afraid to experiment and see their music as an all-encompassing art. - Therese Owen
- TONIGHT - Therese Owen

"Musiek: 3rd World Spectator"

Ek hoor Saterdag 'n befokte band by die ATKV Maties Jool Fees maar het nie 'n clue wie dit is nie.

Dis "3rd World Spectator" sê 'n dude vir my. Unsigned band uit Stellenbosch. Serious? Unsigned? Kick ass band, hoor my lied mense in die musiekbedryf, sign die outjies. Hulle skop gat.

Ander onbekende bands (en met onbekend bedoel ek wat ek nog nie gehoor het nie) wat my seriously mal gehad het , éF-éL, en Taxi Violence was fokken AWESOME!

Rock on!

Neil Kroese
- LitNet - Neil Kroese

"Bok to the Future – New South African Music"

Who? : The band consists of frontman Peter Crafford on vocals; Justin Versfeld on lead guitar; Andre Wentzel playing the drums and Geran Steyn on bass.

What are they like? : An eclectic mix of influences includes anything from Bach to Britney Spears, with everything in between including: rock, opera, jazz, funk and metal.

Their own music is rock flavour with a ripple of grunge and the occasional sprinkling of indie pop. Rock ballad Something More reminds you of Coldplay whilst Blind sounds very much like The Verve. Their most popular hit Confessions of a Serial Lover is a more grungy affair.

Quote : “Rock and Roll is the musical expression of sex” – Bassist Geran Steyn
- G News

"We Wanted More..."

Sunday, August 16, 2009
We Wanted More...

Taxi Violence Album Launch with 3rd World Spectator Klein Libertas Theatre, 15 August
On a cold, wintry night in Stellenbosch, the thought of remaining indoors with a DVD, duvet and [hopefully] a human heater, is an appealing one. I myself was tempted to do just that, to have one night of doing nothing. But this one was simply too good to miss...

In light of the number of gigs happening that night in Cape Town as well as the chilly weather, I did not expect a very big crowd, simply hoping to be pleasantly surprised. But it was not to be; turnout was a little disappointing. But what the crowd lacked in size it certainly made up for in enthusiasm; every person there sang along, rocked out and pleaded encore.

3rd World Spectator played a set that was characteristically dramatic, theatrical and well-rehearsed without having become tedious. I remain amazed at frontman Peter Crafford’s haunting voice and seemingly endless vocal range. Keep an ear out for some recording happening soon, and an album [hopefully] to be released closer to the end of the year. Also [and it excites me greatly to report this], 3rd World Spectator will be playing at Klein Libertas Theatre with Wrestlerish at the beginning of September. Be there!

The Taxi Violence guys put their all into the live show, as they always do. It is impossible to take one’s eyes off frontman George van der Spuy [or Riaan’s hair!] and by the end of the set everyone in the crowd was as exhausted as the guys on stage. Ever-engaged with his crowd, George connects with everyone and makes a full, smoky, dark room seem intimate to every person watching. Some older favourites were left out of the set, but only to make room for a taste of the new material, and it tastes good! The new album has had nothing but good reviews thus far and it seems to be the must-have for the month. Adding more of their well-liked acoustic endeavours, The Turn is sure to satisfy all fans. Make sure you get your hands on it as soon as you can, and make an effort to see what is undoubtedly one of the country’s best live bands. - Lize Kay

"Exclusive 3rd World Spectator Interview"

“With songs built to rouse audiences and showcasing a theatricality in their performance rarely seen in local bands, 3RD WORLD SPECTATOR‘s eyes are firmly set on success. The band truly permeates in the sensory – whether it is audible or visual, trying to create a universe within which the audience can immerse themselves.

Sweeping vocals, feral drumming, massive guitars and deeply conceptual lyrics manifests within their music. Referencing across different genres and taking in elements from classic rock, electronica, hard rock, opera, indie and pop creates a hybrid style all their own..”

I caught up with the band and we talked about the picking the band name, recording their debut album, playing with Maroon5 and OneRepublic as well as some of the craziness that has happened at shows..

Why did you pick the band name?

The name originally comes from a shop in Johannesburg. The owner said my mom looked like a rock chick and she told me the story. I thought it was a pretty cool name, because it could be interpreted in so many ways, and it’s quite sensory.

How did the band meet?

We met via the internet. Justin and André posted an ad on a classifieds section, saying they are looking for a band. And the rest is history.

How was it playing alongside Maroon 5 and OneRepublic?

It was fantastic! What a mind-blowing experience! The Coca-Cola Dome was sold out and having the honour to play to such an audience is humbling.

How did Ramfest measure up to other festivals you’ve played?

Ramfest was extremely well organised and the level of musicianship on display is world class. Hopefully we are playing a better slot next year, but we had an amazing audience regardless of the slot we played.

What are the new things happening?

We are starting with pre-production on our album in April, and we are currently in negotiations that could further our career significantly. Otherwise we are playing shows every weekend, trying to get our name out there.

What would you like to achieve in the music industry?

We have set ourselves short term and long term goals. Within a year we have met most of our short term goals, and that makes us extremely positive. We want to be the best live act in the country, and then we have our eyes set on the world.

Who most heavily influences you (music wise)?

In the early days I was heavily influenced by the vocal styling’s of Jeff Buckley, Matt Bellamy, Tom Chaplin, Justin Hawkins and Thom Yorke. The music itself was influenced by their respective bands: Muse, Keane, The Darkness and Radiohead. Nowadays we are changing the direction of our writing, and we are influenced by artists like The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Thrice and Klaxons.

Why did you start making music?

Music is therapy. It is just such a great medium through which you can express exactly how you feel, and the fact that you are so absolutely emotionally exposed is a thrill in itself.

What do you feel sets you apart from other bands?

The fact that we are 100% dedicated to the art of making music. It’s not about fame or “the party”. It’s about four guys going onto a stage and ripping it up by indulging in the energy and chemistry. I kind of think people respond to that kind of passion.

What is your favourite thing about performing?

The instant gratification of creating something abstract and seeing people react to that.

What’s the new single you’re releasing?

The new single is called “Sparks”. It is most probably going to be the lead single off our debut album, so it’s going to be a while before it is officially released. So you’ll have to come to one of our live shows to hear it.

What has it been like recording the album?

We are still in the recording process, figuring out what has to stay and what has to go. We want to get everything 100% before we release it, and there is currently a lot of pressure about getting the product out there. We will probably reach a point where we’ll have to let go.

What’s your favourite track off the album?

At the moment it’s “Sparks”.

Did you do anything off the wall whilst in studio?

We slept a lot in studio. Pillows were in abundance. Or items doubling a pillows, at least.

Who takes the longest to get ready before a gig?

Peter, without a doubt.

Are any of you working on side projects?

Gerna plays in an Afrikaans rock band called Baarmoedergevoel, but the rest of the band are all focused on working on 3WS’s music.

Who talks the most rubbish (at any given moment)?

All four of us. Terrible, terrible habit.

Who is the messiest on tour?

Haha! Again, all four of us. We don’t know how to tidy up. (Although we make our beds when we leave hotel rooms).

What is one of the craziest/funniest things that has happened at a show?

Justin opened up his guitar case when we were sound checking at the Coca-Cola Dome for the Virgin Festival. To his dismay his guitar’s neck was broken. The stage director came to him and told him he could use one of One Republic’s Gibson Les Paul guitars, and Justin went ballistic with that guitar. That was pretty awesome!

3WS is a band heading to the top-expect great things from them!
- Musical Mover - Gabi Goldberg

"Epiese, emosionele rock sal jou ruk"

3rd World Spectator, wat reeds bekendheid verwerf het vir sy liedjie “The Truth”, het eintlik eers in Maart 2008 ernstig begin oefen en besluit om musiek ’n loopbaan te maak.

Peter Crafford, verantwoordelik vir sang, lirieke, kitaar en klawerbord (sjoe, omtrent ’n mondvol) beskryf hul musiek as rock, maar sê dat almal aanhangers van ’n breëspektrum-genre is en dat ’n mens dit in die musiek kan hoor.

“Die gepaardgaande lirieke is ook konseptueel van aard met elke lied wat ’n duidelike tema het. “Die eindproduk is atmosferies, emosioneel en epies van aard.”
Hy sien hom as ’n kunstenaar met die kop van ’n sakeman, maar sê dat hy nooit somme sal kan doen nie.

Enige donker belangstellings of geheime? “Ja. Ek is eintlik van ’n ander planeet en ek was in die Afrikaanse Idols-kompetisie in 2006.”
Dit wys jou, liewe Jipper, Idols is nie jou enigste kans op fame en fortune nie, daar is ander maniere ook.

Geran Steyn, die baskitaar-speler van die band beskryf homself as bietjie van ’n hedonis en ook as ’n regte Casanova, hierdie eienskappe beskou hy wel as deel van sy donker kant. “Musiek is vir my soos ’n vriend, ’n sexy meisie, ’n vyand, ek in hierdie wêreld of ek in ’n ander wêreld – dit is soos ’n entiteit op sy eie.”
Hy sê dat sy ma reeds op ’n jong ouderdom die naam Geran uitgedink het en dat sy een van die wysste mense en een van sy gunsteling-persone in sy lewe is.

Justin Versfeld op hoofkitaar is mal oor kitare en hy vertel dat dit in dié stadium die belangrikste ding in sy lewe is.
As sy aandag nie gefokus is op 3rd World Spectator nie, is dit wel gefokus op musiek, want hy gee musieklesse en het ook sy eie studio.“Ek sal nooit ’n kitaar verkoop nie en enige iets doen vir ’n nuwe kitaar.” Sjoe, maar die man is regtig erg oor sy kitare.

“Ek sal enige mens se hand skud,” sê André Wentzel, die tromspeler van die groep. Hy sien hom as ’n normale ou wat streef na die abnormale en werk heeltyds as tromspeler en gee ook tromlesse.

Daar het julle dit, liewe Jippers , hou dié band dop!

Gaan loer gerus in op 3rd World Spectator op sy MySpace-blog by die webtuiste www.myspce.com/­3rdworldspectator

goed om te weet...

3rd World Spectator het in Desember 2008 die Virgin Mobile Road to V gewen en het die verhoog saam met bekende groepe soos One Republic en Maroon 5 gedeel.

Sy liedjie “The Truth” is een van die top-20-liedjies van 2008 op MXitMusic.

3rd World Spectator is besig om ’n vollengte album op te neem wat in die middel van 2009 vrygestel sal word.

Peter Crafford (23) is van Stellenbosch, Justin Versfeld (22) en Geran Steyn (22) is van George en André Wentzel (22) kom van Knysna af.

- JIP - Corlia Goosen


The Truth (Single) - 2008
(Online Only Download)

Daylight (Single) - 2009
(Speakerbox.co.za Exclusive Download)

The Theory of Everything (Debut Full Length Album) - Early 2011




Peter Crafford (Vocals, Guitar, Piano)

Justin Versfeld (Guitar)

Louis Kuhn (Bass)

André Wentzel (Drums)

Elan Schnider (Synths, Piano)

With their infectious blend of soaring, operatic vocals, haunting melodies, huge guitars and rolling drums, 3RD WORLD SPECTATOR has treaded lasting tracks in the South African music scene. With the release of their debut album ‘The Theory of Everything’ in late 2011 - to critical acclaim from music critics and fans alike - the band eradicated all doubt as to their position as one of the top acts South Africa has to offer. Their first single ‘Ambulance’ exploded onto radio and digital charts around the country whilst cracking the National Top 40. The video for “Ambulance’ also reached number 2 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart, placing the band firmly at the forefront of the local rock scene.

Well known for their meteoric rise to first place during the Virgin Mobile Road to V competition late 2008, 3RD WORLD SPECTATOR have been making headlines ever since.

Not content to be just another local act, their performances transcend the ordinary. Part theatre and part rock star-chic, their live music is fraught with energy that consumes the senses and elevates the soul. Sharing the stage with the likes of international bands such as Maroon5, OneRepublic and Hard-Fi confirmed their status as a highly engaging stage act.

The band completed work on their debut full length album entitled 'The Theory of Everything' in 2011 with the recording sessions taking place at Sunset Recording Studios with award winning producer and engineer Jürgen von Wechmar (Springbok Nude Girls, Foto Na Dans, Jax Panik, Karen Zoid) at the helm of the production. The album is mastered by John Davis (U2, Florence + The Machine, The Prodigy, Snow Patrol) at Metropolis Studios in London.

In June 2011 3RD WORLD SPECTATOR signed a record deal with Universal Music and the album was released at the start of November 2011 to critical acclaim.

3RD WORLD SPECTATOR has featured in every major publication, been named one of ‘The Top 10 Acts To See' by Tonight, signed major endorsement deals with PF Flyers International and Jay Jays South Africa. Since the release of The Theory of Everything, 3RD WORLD SPECTATOR has elicited extensive coverage in the press and media, has done countless radio interviews, performed live on national TV shows such as SABC 2’s Hectic Nine 9, MK’s Studio 1, ETV’s Frenzy and has toured South Africa extensively. The follow up singles 'Sparks' and 'The Hiroshima Lovers' also achieved great success on national radio stations.

At the end of 2012 the band were chosen as one of six South African artists to participate in the Sanlam Sing 'It 2013 Lyric Competition and won this prestigious contest.

Subsequently they have released their latest single 'Once More, With Feeling' to national radio with the accompanying music video enjoying high rotation on MTV.

3RD WORLD SPECTATOR are exclusively sponsored by clothing brand Markham.

They will be releasing their sophomore album 'Days Of Silver' in 2014.


 “Ambitious...this Stellenbosch quartet make a bold stab at a cohesive stream of songs knotted together by tales of doomed lovers and lone survivors.” - Diane Coetzer, Rolling Stone South Africa

"An impressive debut album...haunting and beautiful." - Lisa-Marie Els, Heat Magazine

“Epic, emotional rock.” – Clarissa Grobler, JIP

“’The Theory of Everything’ is a highly impressive debut from a gifted band.” - Sergio Perreira, MusicReview.co.za

“An act you must see.” – Therese Owen, Tonight

“They are a viable musical export: a solid band with a great vocalist and clear musical direction” - Your LMG

“No lead singer in South Africa can match Peter Crafford’s singing ability.” - Deonette Theart, SA Music Scene

"Simply put, 3rd World Spectator’s debut album is full of beautiful pop/rock ballads and those uplifting up-tempo tracks... 3rd World Spectator are going places." - People Magazine



Website: http://www.3rdworldspectator.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/3rdworldspectator

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/the3rdworld

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/3rdworldspectator


Peter Crafford - THE HELIX KID

E-mail: petercrafford@gmail.com

Phone: +2783 699 2666


Peter Crafford - THE HELIX KID

E-mail: petercrafford@gmail.com

Phone: +2783 699 2666



E-mail: rachelle@rcpublicity.com

Phone: +27 82 084 6724

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