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"3RipleR “Freshening it Up""

What happens when 3 cousins, singing in 3 different groups,come together with a new idea?
Lil R3dd (Virgil Robinson), Odes (O.J. Maxi) and Spirit (Rudy Smithen) had such an idea. They decided to bond under the motto "Real Recognize Real" and form their own group. They approached Jon Paugh, their former high school Government and Economics teacher to manage them, and in October of 2008, 3RipleR was born.
"If I didn't think they were worth my time, I wouldn't waste my time. As stated manager Jon Paugh in a recent interview. Very diverse Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B, its a new style and sound, something to freshen-up the industry.
Young, but experienced, 3RipleR were each raised in varied musical environments and began performing at tender ages. I'm easy going and like to have fun, said Lil R3dd recently, but music is serious. It's all I do.
And serious it is.
With influences ranging from 2Pac to Brisco Juelz Santana,to God, the young talents combine smooth vocal tones with flowing rhythms to create a unique, enticing sound.
While all the tracks from their new CD are signature 3RipleR, they each display distinct individuality. "Might be my Last Time" gives you an almost tropical feeling with it's drum tracks, while "I'm so Fresh" has a retro 80's twinge in the mix. "Money" is the song you'll be hearing coming from passing cars this summer, as it speaks to a growing generation in a youthful, modern manner. Then there's "Thug it", a song whose title says it all.
I was especially taken with the track "Come Over". It's sexy, soulful 70's sound took me to a place where a good glass of wine, candles and that special person was all I needed. The perfect song for a chilly night at home by the fire. Spirit's voice pulls you into the songs with edges so smooth, they seem to roll straight to the heart. The backing and subsequent lyrics compliments of R3dd and Odes keep your mind moving with perfect placement. I found myself lost in the flow, and clicking repeat over and over.
I confess, I was impressed.
This is one of those rare CDs that never leaves your stereo. The one you pop in the car player to impress that special girl, or guy on a first date. The one with something for everyone in lyric and concept.

3RipleR's self-titled album is now available on their own label, On Point Records. Based in Ocala, Florida, they are hoping to do some touring this summer to help promote their CD and spread their music to a wider, more diverse audience.
"Right now we're just trying to get the music out there," said Jon Paugh "Look out, we're coming up strong."
You can find more information on 3RipleR at their Website

- By Draven Scott DK Lucas Agency Da'kar

"Students pursue hip-hop dreams"

By: Guillermo Novoa
Staff Writer

Just last year, 19-year-old criminal justice major Virgil Robison was sitting in his government and economics class at Belleview High School, looking foward to graduation day and dreaming about becoming a star. Little did he know that in the months to come, he and two of his close friends would have a manager, a rap group, and their own record label.

Robinson, who goes by Lil R3dd, liberal arts major Octavius "Odes" Maxey, 19 and their friend Rudy "Spirit" Smithen, 22, came together to form 3RipleR.

3RipleR stands for "real recognize real," as three young men come together with common goals: work hard, make good music and get noticed.

The group was founded in October of 2008 and has since recorded a number of tracks, and preformed live for various charity events such as a cancer benefit show in Orlando, and has even mad a music video for one track titled "I'm So Fresh", which can be seen on the groups website 3RipleR.com.

This rap trio was a actually brought together by Robinson's former high school teacher Jon Paugh, 25, who now manages the group. Thogether with his wife and the grop members, Paugh went on to found On Point Record Productions here in Ocala, Fla.

"Me and my wife listened to their music and it was just hard to believe what they had done and where the were going," Paugh said. "So we offered help."

Paugh brought the group together, drew up some basic contracts, had the music copyrighted and has since been working hard to get the group exposure.

Paugh even signed the group up to preform in The Vans Warp Tour in Miami, Fla., but is still waiting to hear back if the group will make the preformers list.

Though the group's dream is to make it mainstream to all audiences, Robinson and Maxey know the value of an education.

"You got to have and education, but music is my passion," Robinson said. "Regardless of what anyone says we are going to make it. School is mandatory but I'm going to follow my passion."

Passion is one attribute that 3RipleR does not lack. Maxey, who has been rapping since he was 11-years-old, believes that they are destined for greatness.

"I believe that we can take the music industry," Maxey said. "We can be up at the top if the right people hear our music."

All three mambers bring a different sound and style to the group which combines R&B, gangster rap, and mainstream hip-hop.

Smithen comes through with a souolful voice, Maxey flows with a sound that is fresh and unique and Robinson compliments brings a strong douthern voice and swagger.

"We have a different style," Robinson said. "Everyone can listen to our music."

The group continues to work in the studio, and is planning a performance at Belleview High School to benefit Relay For Life, another cancer charity.

No date is set, but check out 3RipleR.com for news. - Patriot Press


Currently we have an unpublished album and a music video that was produced by the BHS t.v. crew.



3RipleR was created in October of 2008 with a basic philosophy of of being real and recognizing the real important things in life. Staying true to yourself and to those who matter is the foundation of our motto, "Real Recognize Real." Three members coming from three different groups, we all had one goal in mind; to work hard and get noticed. We were joined together by Jon Paugh, our manager and former teacher, who encouraged us through our youth and supports our ambitions now.
3RipleR has a unique ability to make and perform three different genres of music. Our hip hop style contains nice mellow beats with clean original lyrics, that is sure to get stuck in your head. Rap is another strong point for 3RipleR, influenced by our surroundings, struggles, and thoughts we produce hardcore beats and lyrics that your mother wouldn't like. R&B is brought in with the soul of 3RipleR and is carried by the voice of Spirit, who sings like an angel. All of our songs tell a unique story about our unique experiences in life. Making catchy hooks and verses is a great asset to 3RipleR which gives us the ability to interchange positions and maintain maximum sound quality. Our members are entertaining and talented, so look out for these three young artist from Ocala, Florida.
Lil R3DD is no stranger to the rap game, starting at the young age of 11 gave him the opportunity to perfect his style. With a hunger for music he is determined to make it to the top with his partners in 3RipleR. With a strong southern voice his lyrical style is unique and one that provides fast lyrics with a gangsta attitude, while still maintaining a soft swag for the ladies. His musical influences are 2 Pac, Biggie, TI, Mr. West, T Pain, Brisco Juelz Santana and many more.
A young gentleman with a strong passion for music running through his veins, Spirit has enjoyed the company of music since the age of 7. Experimenting and perfecting many instruments throughout his youth, Spirit has many styles to choose from. With God at the head of his life he was fortunate enough to learn these instruments with no formal training. However, God decided to not only bless him with the power to compose, but to also sing like an angel. Spirit is the soul of 3RipleR and now at the age of 22 and more hungry than ever, he awaits his chance to project onto the world his definition of what music is.
Odes was born and raised in Belleview, Florida, a small city that offered few advancements. At a young age he was introduced to music by his older cousin O.P. where he quickly fell in love with the styles and influences of modern rap and hip hop. Inspired by his life growing up, Odes offers a style that is energetic and fresh. His lyrics are original and he has become a great asset to 3RipleR.
3RipleR is here to make waves in the industry by setting new standards for the modern hip hop community. Look out because we are heading to the top with no one to stop us.