3 Shades of Gravy

3 Shades of Gravy

 Northport, Alabama, USA

We have been described as Birmingham's best kept secret according to one local music review. If Dave Matthews, Maroon 5, and Robert Randolph had a love child, they would name it 3 Shades of Gravy blending the best of rock, acoustic pop, funk, and fun into a sound that NEVER ceases to amaze!


3SG was born in the Spring of 2004. Starting out as an acoustic act with influences ranging from Dave Matthews and John Mayer to Brian McKnight and Miles Davis, the band quickly found a sound deeply rooted in acoustic rock with a jazzy twist. Playing the local coffee shop scene in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, the 3 college roommates looked to make the guitar, bass and percussion trio more versatile by adding guitar prodigy Daniel Williams. AndrĂŠ, CJ, Chris and Daniel started to evolved into a jam band like no other and quickly grew in popularity. By adding Matt Wiginton on drums, their sound grew heavier and more lively by adding electric guitars. Playing in and around the city and placing near the top in every battle of the bands they entered, their sound matured and they knew this is what they wanted to do. Bringing in Matthew Taylor, formerly of Moses Mayfield, as the finishing touch, 3 Shades of Gravy has become a band with no limits and one of the most entertaining in the city! There is no other sound and no other experience than the feel-good groove 3SG provides night in and night out. Once you think you've fallen in love with the acoustic rhythms, the percussion and drums mesmerize. Once you've become wrapped up in the smooth bass licks, the sax stuns you rendering you a permanent member of The Gravy Boat. Whether it's a local coffee shop, such as Capture Studio CafĂŠ, a premiere music venue like Zydeco or The Yellow Room, or lining up with some of the best musicians in the world at City Stages as they did in 2007, everytime 3 Shades of Gravy plugs in, they prove they are a band here to stay!


Here and Now and Mine

Written By: Andre Taylor

Verse 1:

I woke up this morning

With nothing in my head

I dreamed about tomorrow

And left yesterday in my bed

I started to write a sonnet

About my life's story

The beginning wasn't too exciting

And the middle was somewhat boring

And I tried to think of a place

And I tried to think of a time

I could wrap my pencil around

You'd be here

You'd be now

You'd be mine

My thoughts started flowing

Like chicken soup from a can

No blue and red epiphanies

Just a thousand miles between you and this man

The best thing that never happened to me

Was time standing still

Like hours turning into seconds

Like mountains turning into hills

So let's do something about it now

Cause we talk about it all the time

I will do what I can

Just to hold your hand

You'd be here

You'd be now

You'd be mine



If this was meant to be

You'd be sent to me

I know deep down inside

I know that you're mine

And I tried to think of a place

And I tried to think of a time

I could wrap my pencil around


You'd be here

You'd be now

You'd be here

You'd be now

You'd be mine

You would be here!

You would be now!

You would mine!


Show Me What to Do

Written By: Andre Taylor

Verse 1:

I'm the man


With the mic in my hand

Don't reprimand and grand plan to see me succeed

Got to go

To the show

Sit you in the front yo

Fifth row so I know that you can see me

My talents and abilities

They don't even come from me

They come from JC

It must be

Trust me

Trust me now

Laying on the ground

A retched soul lost once now I am found




Where have you been

I'm needing you to take away my sin

So I can runaway, runaway with you

But would you mind

Do you have the time to make a stop

My friends ain't got what I got

I want to show them

With a price that's paid

I can show them how to be saved

I know I'm going to need a little help

I can't do this by myself

Or play these cards I've been dealt

I'll be standing around 'til you show me what to do

Verse 2:

Here's the deal

On a hill

Jack and Jill

Went to Chill

Jack fell down and he bumped his head

He said my oh my

As he looked up to the sky

Looking for Jesus Christ

This is what he said

Hey old man

I ain't do nothing wrong

Why are you picking on me

Why are you making me fall

He said

Trust in me

Know that I am the Son

And I'll be the last well you'll be drinking water from



Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a retch like me

I once was lost

But now I'm found

Was blind but now I see

One glad morning

When this life is over

I will fly away

One glad morning

When this life is over

I will fly away


Front of the Stage

Written By: Andre Taylor

Verse 1:

I call her Suga' Suga'
She calls me Dirty Dirty
Let me tell you something mama
You can't be too flirty

She likes the way I sing to her
When I'm up here on stage
She's dancing to the grooves
That me and my band played


The only thing between us now is this here funky sound
As soon as my sets over baby, we are getting down
3 Shades of Gravy's got you crazy, ready to committ
Throw your hands up as we break it down, yeah, this is how we do it


She let her hair down, eye contact we made
From then I wanted her, the girl by the front of the stage
In the book of sexiness, girl you are the first page
The definition clearly reads the girl by the front of the stage

Verse 2:

While we were playing a slow jam
she was winking at me
Letting off this crazy vibe
nobody could see
She had long dark hair
and a vintage rocker tee
And shouted from where I was after the show come find me!

This Mood

Written By: Andre Taylor

Verse 1:

Who woke me up this morning

Put me in a bad mood all day

Don't want to say hey to nobody all day

Took a walk around the block for a while

And a while turned into about five miles

A five mile hike well it's making me sweat

I'm glad I didn't forget my

Deodorant, benevolent cigarette smoke

Makes me want to choke the Marlboro man

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 to the 2

That's the second hand

Second hand smoke, well I'll take my first hand

Smack you in the face cigarette goes flying

And I'm dying

Laughing out loud

I thought I was the man

But now I'm bummed out


I put myself in the mood

Lonely days ain't far away

Cause I know I'm with you

I put myself in the mood

Lonely days ain't far away

Cause I know I'm with you

I'm with you

I'm with you

I'm with you

And I'm in this mood

Verse 2:

They say I look like

Andrew Jones and act like Will Smith

With a little Cuba Gooding rolled up into it

I laugh like Eddie and I smile like Shaq

But I can't seem to get this Kobe off my back

Matter of fact I hate most of all

That gas is so high

I got to walk to the mall

I buy up the place

Then I take it all back

I put it back on the rack

I'm just pissed off like that

Verse 3:

Don't bother me while I'm eating my pickle

A pack of gum hun, is two dimes and a nickel

I'd be a better dog without just a little

Bit of the bits mixed in with my Kibble

I'm on the road no red lights in the middle

You caught five fish, I ain't even get a nibble

I don't like bluegrass cause I don't like the fiddle

Let's get straight to the point, no point with the riddles


Verse 4:

Oh now Danny boy he liked to fish

He liked to fish when we would rock like this

Cause we would rock like this and rock the Casba

With teeny tinny martinis while we were sitting at the bar

Oh now baby girl I thought you knew

I got the fresh beats and my boys do too

Step off baby I don't mean to be rude

But you're stepping on my feet and messing with my groove



Everything Else to be released on 4/21/08. Tracks Here and Now and Mine and This Mood are featured on LiveOne Radio. Solo CD, Tales of a Sophomore Notetaker, realesed by André Taylor can be found at CD Baby, Lazers Edge in Homewood, and TowerRecords.com.

Set List


Front of the Stage
Show Me What to Do
Give In
Love at First Sight
So Long, So Late
This Mood
Trip the Lights Fantastic
Magic Woman
Where's One
Here and Now and Mine

Covers include:
All Along the Watchtower (Dave Matthews Band)
Crazy (Gnarles Barkley)
Stitched Up (John Mayer, Herbie Hancock)
Take On Me (Aha)
Keep Your Hands to Yourself (Georgia Satellite)
Kiss (Prince)
Dixieland Delight (Alabama)
That's Just the Way it is (Bruce Hornsby)
Ain't No Other Girl (Ain't No Other Man, Christina Aguilera)
0% (Jason Mraz)
Desperately Wanting (Better Than Ezra)
Champagne Supernova (Oasis)
Superstition (Stevie Wonder/Stevie Ray Vahn)