3 Shades of Grey

3 Shades of Grey



Three Shades of Grey is a hard rockin’ blues band from “some place you’ve probably never been”. They are Lary Caddell on lead guitar, vocals, & harmonica; Shawn McKnelly on bass guitar; and John Caddell on drums & vocals. While these southern Illinois guys are each great musicians, the whole band’s sum seems to multiply their individual talents.

Together, their special chemistry is evident as they offer listeners a wide variety of cover tunes that include many unique selections in addition to some of their favorite standards. While performing a typical 4 set night, they will throw in an original here & there - sometimes giving appreciative audiences more than they bargained for. They contribute very diverse lists of musical influences; from Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Leslie West, Jimmy Page, Ben Harper, Gov’t Mule, and Rush to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their different ages alone span nearly three generations, also giving cause for their appeal to a very wide audience. Offering a thick, full sound of blues and rock, they have left some audience members surprised that it came out of a three piece band. Some five piece bands don’t hit you like this.

They originally formed several years ago, after Shawn & John auditioned what seemed to be every guitar player they could find in the area, when it became evident that John’s dad Lary was indeed the best guitar player for them. But, just as soon as they had started playing gigs, life threw a wild pitch that caused one of them to be on the injured list, indefinitely. So, they each went their separate ways, for awhile.

Over the past couple of years the threads of life have kindly pulled them back together again. They have been able to pick up where they left off, adding to it all of their individual growth. Still working toward finding their signature sound and putting out their debut album, you can already hear them coming.