Stunning songwriting and incredible musicianship define the 3 Spot. And live performance is their calling. Spreading the good word through jazz and r&b, they create a 21st century journey into the roots of music. And they want to enlighten new fans, one stage at a time.


What happens when three friends get together to say something through music?

We’ll start with the percussion. Mike Hams came to the group via the mid-west, bringing with him the solid sounds of the well versed percussionist. Always keeping the group in step with the groove, he provides the roux for the sonic gumbo. Serving up a big portion of bounce and swing, he makes it easy for the music to flow.

Now, we add the bass. Michael Catts comes from the east coast, no doubt about it. Just one listen to his bass playing and you hear the sounds of Philadelphia and New York City. Playing fat bass that growls so loud you think its going to chase you down the street, he’s the pepper in the stew.

And finally, we’ll add the keys. Reshard Radford was born and raised west coast. Reshard adds the organic ingredients needed to give this group complete substance. With a laid back touch he rounds out the sharp flavors, giving stunning melody with rich harmony. True class!

Mmmm, now doesn’t that sound good?

And with a daily recommended source of jazz, r&b, and gospel - how can one go wrong? When the three of them first played together in Seattle, they knew that they knew they had to share their recipe with everyone. So if you starving for the real thing, check out the 3 Spot!



3 Spot (self-titled) EP November 2007

Set List

3 Spot performances can range from small sets [20-40 min.] up to 3 hours of music [3 sets]. The trio’s repertoire includes original songs and new standards [ i.e., Stevie Wonder, Pat Martino, The Beatles, Michael Jackson].