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"Bodog Battle of the Bands"

The evening rounded out with 3STARKARMA, rockers from Herndon with fleshy bass lines and impressive range in the vocal department. - Bodog.com by Kaeti Bradley


"The Clearing"
(Self-Released 2006)
"The Clearing" is the first EP from Washington, DC-based band 3starkarma. And what better way to get to know the band than with an EP that includes three of their original tracks? Full and fluid, "The Clearing" delivers pounding hard rock guitar riffs that churn and vocals that soar. 3starkarma stay close to one sound on their EP without boring you with their trio of tracks, offering a hint of a melody peeking out from under the layers of instrumentation.

Sounds Like: The hard rock of Linkin Park, without the electronics or rapping, or Creed

Key Tracks: "You Said"

B - www.pluginmusic.com

"3STARKARMA wins Alternative Addiction's Next Big Thing to be AA's Indie Spotlight Band of the Month."

3STARKARMA was one of 8 bands chosen for Alternative Addiction's "Next Big Thing" contest. During the month of November 2006 music fans voted for their favorite band. The band with the most votes at the end of the month will be profiled on the Alternative Addiction web site as AA's Indie Spotlight Band of the Month. 3STARKARMA came out on top and is AA's Indie Spotlight Bans of the Month for December 2006. - 3STARKARMA

"Another Music Review by The Consensus"

"TOOL like intro leads into a pretty dang good Rock song here called "You said" by 3starkarma. Some good guitar work and a capable vocalist make this work" - Rick Whitehurst

"Kick Ass Dude. 3STARKARMA books it right out with "You Said". Kick Ass - excellent mix, guitars, drums, main and background vocals. These boyz know where they're going and take you and everybody else with them, like it of not. Mongo reall really digs these boyz. Could have been my own. Out of 9 Bonez - Mongo give 144" - MongoKnowsRecords

"Edgy and strong melodic emo rock. Big chunky guitars set the atmosphere for the solid rock singer. eEverything is tight and crunchy in this well produced song. Full of hooks and angst a song for the masses." - nb

"Soaring vocals with really sharp harmonies against a wall of compressed guitars. This band must be LOOOOUUUD live. The recording is well balanced and all the tones are in the right place,but it starts out at the crecendo and pretty much stays there. Some cool breaks and drop outs. My ears would crave rest after too much information." MYSTR Treefrog

- www.c0nsensus.com

"3STARKARMA wins over crowd."

For this year's "Battle of the Bands" contest, the Activities Programming Board kicked up not only the stakes but the production of annual event. The APB hosted its second installment of this year's "Battle of the Bands" on Feb. 9. One band that caught not only the eyes and ears of the crowd was 3STARKARMA.

One of the standout bands 3STARKARMA from Washington D.C. The band kicked off its set with a few raucous tunes that received and immediate round of applause from the large audience in the Multi-Purpose Room in the Anthony F. Ceddia Union Building.

"We love coming here," drummer Mike Nager said. "The crowd here at the MPR fills most of the small bars in D.C. that we play at."

3STARKARMA's recently released E.P. "The Clearing" was the theme of the performance.

The band continued its set with the song "You Said." This powerful Audioslave-like song carried a powerful bass line from bassist Bobby DeRosa. The ban's vocalist, Mathew Daugherty, jumped into the crowd, serenading the audience with his heavy vocals doused with a pinch of falsetto.

"The Clearing" was the next song on the band's set list. This song featured catchy, soaring guitar work and Daugherty's vocals, which he claims are influenced by anything from hair metal to emo. Daugherty's vocals peaked into a towering lullaby-like vocal that Incubus singer Brandon Boyd would have been proud of.

"Two major bands that influence our band are Emery and Incubus," DeRosa said.

The band did not meet in high school nor a bar. Its members met in a way in which many people find dates: the Internet.

"We all posted on craigslist.com" Daugherty said. "After we came together we recorded a five-song demo, that we used in the clubs."

The band's name may confuse some but to lead guitarist Tony Kwok, it's simple idea.

"3STARKARMA basically means the balances between two extremes," Kwok said.

Daugherty and Nager are the main lyrical contributors to the band.

"I find lyrical content in all things, TV shows, relationships," Daugherty said.

"Our lyrics are ambiguous, so they are able to connect with anyone," Kwok said.

The band continued its set with the song Daugherty refers to as the anti-love song, "Breakdown."

This song broke down into a guitar-heavy solo that made Daugherty drop to his knees while belting out his vocals.

The band finished it's set with the song "Bystander." The band literally jumped into the song, with Kwok firing up the fret of his guitar that seemingly impressed the crowd.

- The Slate by Martin Speece


demo 2005 - released 2005
The Clearing - EP - released 2006
Tracks: You Said, Skin, The Clearing



"3STARKARMA? More like five star vocals combined with an earnest style
and high engery performance. Definitely a band to keep an eye on" --- Greg Roche, On-Air Personality/DJ - DC101, Washington D.C.

Everything comes back again, evolved, better. It's what it comes back as that defines it. Everything happens for a reason. That's what has brought us together. Through a common bond we present it to the masses, with honesty and passion, to show you that you're alive.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it coming around again, new, but familiar?


The vision of this band is not about reinvention; it's about taking what's around them and making it better and making it theirs. From birth to death, it is Karma that exists as a stark realism, governing how each and every one of us approaches our lives, day in and day out. Paralleling the three major elements of Karma (the good, the bad, and the balance), the music behind 3STARKARMA blends the simple and complex nature of sounds, lyrics, and melodies into a careful balance that ever so captures the thoughts, feelings and situations that may result during each of our lives.

3STARKARMA's hard edge, melodies, emotion, seriousness, humor and lack of inhibition pour out of each song creating a bond between the music and listener. A connection that puts the listener into the song to where they feel like it was written just for or about them. This isn’t just for the band; it's for you.

The band finalized in 2004 and hails from the Washington D.C./N. VA/MD area. It’s five points are Mathew Daugherty – vocals, Tony Kwok – guitars, Colin Stevenson – guitars, Bobby DeRosa – bass, and Mike Nager – drums.

In 2005 3SK released their self recorded/produced CD demo 2005 and hit the road playing with some of the areas best bands.

In September, 2006, 3SK released their 3 song EP, the Clearing recorded and mixed by Scott Spelbring (Jason Mraz, SR-71, the Speaks) of Dragonfly Studios in Virginia and produced by Scott Spelbring and 3STARKARMA. The CD was mastered by Grammy winner Jay Frigoletto (Saliva, Damage Plan, Linkin Park).

Now well see what happens next..