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"3Suns premieres in London"

Ace, Menace and Criminal make up one of T&T's young emerging stars on the Ragga Soca tip - formerly known as Treason they had to change their name because there was already a group in the US with that name.
3SUNS, previously spelt TREASON, are three very talented young men who have been creating a huge ripple in the music industry for their direct approach that redefines Soca music in a "lyrical coup." 3SUNS are: "ACE," the wild card of the trio; "MENACE," whose aggressive and bold approach to music creates a rough edge to a smooth package with his signature call "I'm a bad Boy"; and "CRYM," (meaning crazy rhymer) who adds a crazy vibe as well as the element of spontaneity and wackiness. These explosive combinations of personalities are what have put them at the forefront of a new generation of artists who are taking the art of Trinidad's music to new heights.

Their debut album, Insanely Gifted (2002) expanded their exposure worldwide and this young group soon found themselves the hottest "Word on the Street," which became the title for their sophomore record (VP Records). When recently asked about the album they proclaimed, "there is something unique and different for everyone. Music is like colours, it has different moods and shades, we give people real vibes and different moods," says Crym. "We're trying to keep it real. We have plenty surprises still and we just want people to give our style of music a chance," adds Menace.

The three hail from the blue-collar, working class town of Sangre Grande (Big Blood) in Eastern Trinidad, where Sherwin Jeremiah a.k.a. Menace, Olufemi Williams a.k.a. Crym and Damian Oliverie a.k.a. Ace became classmates and friends. Their love for music combined with the fact that all three were natural born singers soon found them collaborating on songs together and forming the band known as 3SUNS. They eventually hooked up with producer Ken "Shoroc" Holder who currently, along with his wife Rachel Holder, manage and promote the group. In 2000 the group had their first major Carnival hit, "On de Promenade (Dah En Nuttin)." They followed this hit up with two even bigger sensations in 2001 with the chutney-influenced "Kamasutra" and "War Amongst The Stars." Firmly establishing the group as the rising stars of Soca.
- Trinis in London


Definitely : 2004 V.P. Records Catalog: #2258
Word on the Street : 2003 V.P. Records Catalog: #2214
Insanely Gifted : 2002 JW Records



Soca music’s trio - Sherwin "Menace" Jeremiah, Damian "Ace" Oliverie and Olufemi "Crym" Williams - have been promoting the progression of soca in Trinidad and Tobago since entering the industry in 2000. They hail from the rural town of Sangre Grande where they met in school, becoming bonded by friendship and music. Each one possesses their own style - Menace, a rude boy lyricist, Ace the ladies man and Crym - an aptly named hybrid for "crazy rhymer." Combining their talents as a group, their distinctive sound attracted the attention of major producer Ken "ShoRoc" Holder.

Under the guidance of ShoRoc Production, the trio arrived on the soca scene as Treason - later changing to 3Suns (same pronunciation) because of copyright reasons. In 2000 their hit single "Dat Eh Nuttin (On de Promenade)" became an anthem for Trinidad’s Carnival season, despite some critics’ objections over the song’s explicit hook. 3Suns forged on - dropping the widely popular, chutney-influenced single "Kama Sutra" produced by Nicholas Branker. Both tracks are featured on their independent album Insanely Gifted, which debuted in 2002 to great reviews. Other hits include "Wah is Dah One" and the jouvert-inspired "Muddy Angels."

By 2003, 3Suns made a name for themselves for having an unprecedented sound - combining rude boy soca, with classic calypso and dub vibes. Subsequently, they released their sophomore album Word on the Street on VP Records. The album contains notable tracks "Carnival Darlin," "By D Bar" and "Dread Presidents" - the latter two featuring collaboration with fellow soca star Bunji Garlin. Word on the Street proved a success - in the Caribbean and abroad - leading to a second VP distribution in 2004 for the album Definitely. Hot singles are "Apology," "Hot Girls," and "3Suns Family Go Done Dem" among others. By this time, the gritty bad boy lyrics and rootsy melodies were becoming 3Suns’trademark. Folks took notice, and the group was invited to perform at the hugely popular Reggae on D River concert in California - alongside hit makers Beenie Man, Capleton, Bounty Killer, the legendary Bunny Wailer and many others.

It’s been six years since 3Suns began their journey in the industry - amidst nay sayers opposed to their brand of music; still it hasn’t prevented the group from securing a loyal fan base in their native Trinidad, as well as head-lining internationally in Boston, London, Washington DC, New York and throughout the Caribbean. 3Suns’ unconventional approach has been well-received, and their eccentric sound continues to make traction in an industry that remains on the cusp of international notoriety. The groups’ hard-hitting lyrics, blended in classic Calypso roots, have resonated with Trinidad’s street culture - the lifeblood of their underground sound. Their motto - "we keep it real" says it all. More than any other artist in the genre, 3Suns is real and versatile enough to take their brand, “Identity Yard” to the world.