3TG three talented girlz

3TG three talented girlz

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
DuoHip HopR&B

All girl new hot trio out of Pittsburgh, Pa. called 3TG (three talented girlz)http://youtu.be/utZUTZgOXfI
We do R&B hiphop...soul...we sing, dance, rap and write our own music.


A talented, new, youmg trio group from Pittsburgh has made their mark on the music scene. The three stylish girls came together while attending summer camp in 2011.Bryce, Imani, and Summerlove joined forces with their singing, rapping, dancing and writing of their own music to become 3TG (three talented girlz).

In 2012, they were the grand prize winners in WAMO's 100's Local Love Talent Showcase at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. The girls performed , "Skool Dayz" and "Growing Up" their song Skool Dayz received airplay and was featured in an on air commercial on WAMO 100 Radio station.

2014 will have 3TG on the move with making videos, auditioning, writing their music, performing and finishing up their anticipated mixtape. The young ladies of 3TG hopes to INspire, INpower and UPlift youth through their music.

Keep your eyes and ears open for 3TG...Three Talented Girlz!!!!!!