3 to One

3 to One


Style & Sound. Tight, High Energy "Live Band", with Good Audience Rapport and Stage Presence. We have a Strong, Dedicated local following, and long for that BIG, FUN LOVING audience. We move to groove!


3toOne, is a three piece Providence, RI based band. We write and perform original music. We like to explore and push the Alternative/Rock genres to the limit! We have known each other, and played together professionally for years. We write together and enjoy creating music! We feed on a crowd! We like to think of an audience as another band member. Our influences are very wide, from pop to rock.



Written By: 3toOne

I guess I have to choose what to do - About you - I get so confused - You're spinnin' me upside out - You're spinnin' my emotions around -

• Should I follow my heart or is it all in my head - I feel so out of control - Am I fallin' apart gimme back what I said - I swear to God - I love you so -

Try to figure you out foolin' around - It's hard to say no with your tongue inside my mouth - Your so juicy - You turn me on -

But there's something we're not saying - It's a dangerous game we're playing - When our emotions are gone - You pull the trigger with your tongue -

Try to figure you out - I have to choose - Foolin around why do I have to choose - Your turnin' me upside out - you'll spin my emotions around -

• •

Jasmine Interlude

Written By: Ron Gizzarelli

1) I lie in the misty morning - dreaming of nothing but you - My heads so fogged with emotion - I'm not quite sure what to do -

2) I don't remember what day it was - the day you left me behind - but babe I still have half your love - mornings your still part mine -

Darling it's just an Interlude - Maybe it's just my dream - Darling it's just an Interlude - One with you holding me.


3) I guess I'll just go on dreaming about a love so deep and fine - You and me forever - My perfect state of mind - My perfect state of mind -
One with you hold ing me - I'm one with you holding me -

At The End Of The Day

Written By: Ron Gizzarelli

If the sky turns gray - Will your love stay away
When the leaves turn brown - Will your faith fall down
Must I hold your hand - To be your man
At the end of the day - Will we still have to say -

• Goodbye - Goodbye - Tell me why - Goodbye -


When the sun sets in the sea - Will their hope be for me
If the night turns to day - Will there be another way
And the love we have found - Can it still be around
At the end of the day - Will we still have to say -

(• x2)

At the end of the day - Must we still have to say -


We currently have our first full length CD, HEART •MIND•SOUL

Set List

90% original music with a variety of cover artists, arranged and done to "OUR STYLE". Cover artists include: REM to the Rolling Stones. Our sets are 35-45 minutes long