3ve mixes jazz melodies with hip hop beats and the soul of the sixties and a whole lotta funk to throw down. Our goal is to give this generation and the ones to come something a little more complex to listen to. We love hip hop but we are deeply routed in blues, soul and jazz.


When the members of 3ve got together, we all had one thing in common, and that one thing continues to hold us together to this day: Our love for ALL different kinds of music, old and new. What we like to do is mix those old and new musics to get something contemporary but at the same time, throwing back some homage to the masters of what we do.

Stevie Wonder, Grant Green, Charlie Parker, Herbie Hancock and Jeff Beck all show up in our music quite obviously. At the same time, so do 2Pac, Soulive, Lettuce, and The Roots.

Not leaving anything or anyone out, 3ve likes to put our soulful funky grooves out there for people to grab a hold of like a raft in the middle of an ocean where everything is either old OR new. Stay in the middle and don't drop the groove.




Set List

We usually do anything from a 45 minute set to a 2 hour set but we've been known to jam for entire days if allowed or necessary and never repeat a song once.

This is what a typical set would look like - if there is no mention of who a song is by, it is by us, otherwise refer to the parenth.

Intro, Steppin (by soulive), Break, Clues, Sybles Blues (Russle Gunn), Interruption, New Hottness, I'm Gonna Go Shave Too, Black Flute, Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock), Uncle Junior (Soulive), Monkey Hut, Jesus Children Of America (Stevie Wonder), A Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie), If You Want Me To Stay (Sly and the Family Stone).

Sometimes more material than that, sometimes less.

We also play standards such as "Nostalgia In Time Square" by Charles Mingus with a funk edge.