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Great technicality, a misture of Rock, Psychedelic and Prog in the style of Pink Floyd and David Sylvian. Powerful, then thoughtful, then once again passionate: perfect for a car journey in the rain or under a grey sky.


The adventure of the band began about 10 years ago. There were many alterations during the formation of the band (too many to list....), but Angelo remained faithful to the original oath: our lives for the music of 3x0. In 2004 the first homonymous EP was recorded and received high acclaim for its originality. Since then, the work of 3x0 in the Real World Studios has been continuous. The natural aptitude of the songwriter, Angelo, who has effectively been the driving force behind the 3x0 project, has continually improved. The interesting collaboration with Mauro Aimetti, the bass player, began in 2005. The original scripts, (harmony-melody- lyrics) arranged by Angelo, already characterized by an eccentric, artistic arrangement, are now able to assume a different colour and atmosphere thanks to the progbasso and that special “touch” of Mauro. In 2006 following many experiments and continual improvements, Angelo met John Snell, singer, composer and skillful guitarist from London, with whom there was an immediate, intense, mutual rapport. John manages to interpret and sing brilliantly the 3x0 songs. Line by line, the lyrics (first in Italian, then in English) and the melodies, are maximised through John’s depth of feeling and experience: a very interesting association. Now, to the spring of 2007, there is a recording session at the Real World Studios of Peter Gabriel with the collaboration of Ged Lynch, already drummer and percussionist with Peter Gabriel himself and other important stars of world repute. A quality job rooted in ancient songs and Mediterranean sounds, epic vicissitudes and sensual women, heroic deeds of British knights and... the best sound ever seen. An interesting promotional tour all around Europe is coming very soon.


2002 - “Pulsioni”(demo)
2004 - “TrePerZero”(EP – Nanc Records)
2007 - “The Single” (demo)
2009 - “Silver” (CD – Daybox Rec.)

Set List

the set is long about 1h and 3/4