40,000 Flies

40,000 Flies


We a the future of Rock. We have invented "meta-rock", a musical commentary. Incredible LIVE circus of various genres of music and experiments. There are 2 base band members, Geoffrey Dean and James Seretis, w/ changing LIVE line-up that features Richmond's best instrumentalists.


40,000 Flies began as the one-man band of Geoffrey Dean in the Spring 2003. It featured laptop sequencing, dancing and highly-effected vocals. Several local shows were played in this manner. By Late spring James Seretis, guitar phenom, had come on board and 40,000 Flies disappeared into his apartmeent studio to record. By fall 2003, 40,000 Flies emerged with a 5 song self-released EP CD. They decided the compositions would be done better justice live, if the band was filled out by top instrumentalists. James began acquiring talent from the pool of jazz students at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he was a guitar major. 40,000 Flies began playing Live again in November of 2003, with a roving cast of local musicians showing up to create the elaborate sound that 40,000 Flies have created in the studio. The shows began to move more and more towards improvised Jazz/Rock, with Geoffrey Dean as front man. At only 120 lbs, and with skin-tight attire, Geoff created the live sassed-up, trashy-chic alter-ego that is now a staple in 40,000 Flies performances.
Influences include: Boredoms, Yamasuka Eye, Deerhoof, Brian Wilson, The Beatles, Prefuse 73, U.S.Maple,


5-Song, Self-Titled EP

Set List

Antisocial is the New Black
I Wish You Were Beautiful
Two Flies and A Slingshot
Awkward Boys in Party Hats
Carly's Dead
Celebrities and Gadgets
Yellow Truck Filled with Heroin
Settle Down Mr. Dean
Follicle Shower
I Don't Wanna Sleep On The Job
2 Flies

Covers: "Yoshimi VS. The Pink Robots"-Flaming Lips
"Helter Skelter" -Beatles