42 Decibel

42 Decibel


Broome, based, 42 Decibel are a rocking 3 piece band of amazing musicians playing 9 instruments between them! A 'must-see' stage full of fun!



Mick Stephens, Cody Robson and Matt Bamkin combine their talents in this “must be seen to be believed” trio. Multi-instrumentalism is what this band are all about. Without a drummer they share the percussive role between them. Matty on vocals, guitar, kick drum and harmonica. Mick on vocals, keyboard, harmonica and tambourine. Cody on vocals, mandolin, bass, and a unique “glove-stick” (designed by himself) which allows him to play other parts of a drumkit whilst strumming away on mando or bass. This unique line-up makes for an exciting and entertaining show with their own fusion of stomping country rock and easy-going ballads to 60’s inspired psychodelica mixed with sizzling solos and head-boppin‘ beats. Their repetoire consists of their own foot stomping originals which always gets the crowd rockin’ and a variety of covers that extends all the way back to the Rolling Stones and The Doors right up to the latest hits and are all performed in 42 Decibels unique style. After seeing 42 Decibel conversations around the venue always sound like” How the F... did they do that ?” and “When can i see these guys again?”
42 Decibel are always keen to play and regularly do around the Kimberley but keep a look
out for them elsewhere as they broaden their horizons!

For a copy of our self titled EP, which was launched in july 2012, contact us on our FB page

You can see some live footage on our page, or listen to us on https://soundcloud.com/42decibel


Carry On

Written By: Matt Bamkin

Looking for answers in the land that we broke
Heading to be better prepared
Walking through ranges, our feet touch the dirt
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Time to head out, the dog raised the call
We're rushing to roll up the swags
We leave for the desert, our feet touch the dirt
ooh, ooh, ooh


The sun that sets out over the land
Once blinding now sets in the sand
We've been walking for so long
Not it's time we were sitting, and drinking, and carrying on...

I love You

Written By: Cody Robson

I love you, and I’m sorry -- -- It didn’t work out right
I think that I, protected you too much when I should have knew
That you were doing it tough -- -- And I never meant to make it rough on you,
I Know now -- -- -- -- That I’m a fool, and I’m sorry too
Do you remember the time I drove 1000 miles just to pick you up, -- That’s Cause baby I love you,
Do you remember the great ocean road and all the cows we sang too,-- now baby I’m singing to you?
Now there just memories in a long and winding tale for two, --it’s just for me and you.
Its how the story goes where it ends nobody knows; -- just know that I love you.
And when I leave this place
I know that I will hang around just to see your face
But I know in time, well be just fine
Wasting away, well make it on our own (Yeah)
There’s nothing wrong with me
There’s nothing wrong with you
I can see the reason why our one and one ain’t two (Yeah)

I’m never ever ever gonna be the same
I’m never ever ever gonna lose again
I learnt from you so many things
You’re an angle baby just got no wings
Never ever gonna write a song
About all these people telling me I’m wrong
I’m only gonna write this one for you
This one for you is I love you

Devil in Me

Written By: Cody Robson

Devil in Me

I’ve been beaten and broken down town
Everybody told me it was coming around
I never heard a single word they said
And if I did I wouldn’t be in here this hospital bed (ah ah)

Well momma’s left and my daddy’s gone
My best friend took my girl to Hong Kong
Ain’t got no money and got no soul
But the band keeps playing that rock and roll (Yeah)

I leave you here, I’ll leave tonight
Grab a Beer and start a fight
Forget about this lesson learned
Coz the Devil in me gonna make you Burn

Daddy told me don’t start a fight
Now my knuckles raw and I guess he is right
With a Broken Jaw and I busted hand
I guess I ain’t never gonna understand

Mamma told me don’t mess around
Gotta dig my heals into the Ground
Gotta work real hard and break a sweat
Well look at me now when I hit the deck

I’m not ready to up and go
Coz the Band ain’t ever gonna stop the show

Girl friend told me don’t drink again
And my best friend said “she’s gonna leave you man”
I ain’t gonna listen to you
Coz I love to party and so do you

Cops told me, I’m going down
Gonna run you right out of this dam town
One more blue or one more fight
Were gonna beat your face till broad day light

Lyrics by Cody Robson


Self titled 5 song EP.
1. Devil in Me
2. Mocha
3. On The weekend
4. I’m Losing it
5. Carry on
On the Weekend and Carry On, receive regular air play on ABC regional Kimberley Radio also radio Goolari and Pirate 88 FM in Fremantle
Tracks can be heard on Triple J unearthed web site, also on Sound cloud # Music #Australia # Bluesandroots
Some live footage can be viewed on https://www.facebook.com/42decibel?ref=hl
Look for Derby Fresh Feast / Jessica Mauboy/Sound Check