40 Daze

40 Daze


Mind-sticking, Rythmn Driven Rock highlighted by harmonic vocals


40 Daze was bourne unto this world about a quarter of a decade ago, brought together by friendship and a common bond of love for music. The members of the band all came from various roads of music genres, musical ventures and musical training.
Starting out as a cover band playing across Southwestern Ontaro, the boys of 40 Daze needed more. Many of the members had written original music before and realized the excitement that was missing. It was the excitement of creating music of their own. Thus began the journey that has led to the culminated effort that is 40 Daze's debut CD, The Cloudiest Day. Since it's release in July 2005, the band has been playing voraciously across this fine province, expanding their audience, playing their music, and having a great time doing it.

Highlights: 40 Daze has opened for the likes of The Pete Best Band, Tom Wilson and Bob Lanois on their 'Shack Recordings' tour, Honeymoon Suite, and 54-40.


The Cloudiest Day: Full length album released July 2005

Set List

Able to carry on several nights of different music, including all songs from our debut cd, many new originals, and a cover tune selection of approximately 100 songs, ranging from Neil Young to Franz Ferdinand, The Police to Radiohead