40 Karats

40 Karats

 Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
BandHip Hop

In today's world of over saturated none sense, 40 Karats is a breath of fresh air. Quickly become among the elite of online Youtube sensations, 40 Karats works hard to please their every growing fan base.


40 karats was starting making a name for themselves in late 2008 threw the help of mixtapes and a overhelming amount of Myspace and Youtube views. Consisting of four memebers; That Guy Dwayne, Joe Fezzy, Pakmann & J.Locc their versatile styles took fans by storm. After years of hard work they have been able to grow their fanbase to 100,000 fans plus. This date to year they have sold over 11,000 units independently without any type of label support or major budget. Their debut underground album "Dream Of Mines" is set to be released in 2011 and they intended to show everyone some dreams do come true.


Single: Hands Up
Albums: Dream Of Mines (UNRELEASED)