40 Long

40 Long

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA
BandHip HopPop

40 Long is the Unexpected…we are the car that you never saw coming. 40 Long is two kids raised by the passing spirit of The Music Television Generation. We are the guys who you thought you wanted to take home to meet your mom, then you saw us live and second guessed yourself. 40 Long is always ahead of you in Sound, Fashion and Trends. 40 Long are hip-hops only ever Rockstars and 40 Long is why artists can be mysterious again, 40 Long is what’s coming next.

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The Strangest Life (produced by Phunk)

Written By: Mike Oellrich and Dan Moon

The Strangest Life ft. Chas Malone
Written By Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

Verse 1 Sit back breathe deep and just unwind/ Allow the sound of the drums to fuck with your mind/ Follow Alice down the rabbit hole further and you will find/ That the hatters on his way to the party there ain’t no time/ To waste so make haste and follow me through the haze/ If you look inside my mind then you’d probably see a maze/ Got them people out there think it’s probably just a phase/ But we do this shit for life and you’d probably be amazed/ To find that outside the colors are so vibrant/ Look up in the sky and you can find me vibin/ I keep them haters green and now they callin me a hybrid/ With eye of a tiger and the heart of a lion/ I get so high they can’t possibly fathom/ That on my level ain’t no air they gon need oxygen masks/ And I stay floatin amongst the stars I see Polaris a grab it/ And I stay clung on to my dreams there ain’t no need for no static/ Verse 3 Now I know you hear them strings so get lost in the production/ Your body’s in the zone prepare your mind for abduction/ I’m stuck in/A world that’s constantly changing/ With all them rappers out there claimin they the hardest shit bangin/ But I ain’t really got the time/ I stay above the hate I’m/ Always on my grind I told my mama that I’d say hi/ Wave bye bye to all of your realities/ The strangest life I’ve ever known and I am just a casualty hey

Leaders (featuring Lay-Lo and produced by Phunk)

Written By: Mike Oellrich and Dan Moon

Written by Mike Oellrich

Na heres some thought provoking shit/
From this lost suburban kid/
Assholes said I couldn’t spit/
So you know what I dun did/
I just (spit noise) sally the camel-ed this shit/
And then I recited the song/
and I think it went like this/
Salley the camel had two humps
And mike o could really give-a, two fucks
What you think, I murder everything im on
Even when the track sounds like a Gloria Estefan song
“come on everybody go on do tha rumba/
Know you can’t control yourself any longa”
See the haters of my music jaws drop fartha
And the heartbeat of the people going bonkas”
And I’m so nice people thinking that I’m friendly
And i just fried ya’ll chickens/
Yeh, I had me a ten piece/
I’m a leader of the new new
The here and the now now


Written By: Mike Oellrich and Dan Moon

Written by Mike Oellrich

Im a 5 foot nine entertainin’ mother fucker
I make people throw it up
bunch-a up chuckas
Heres “the situation”
Not you jersey shore suckas
You cannot beat up this beat up
cuz it’s packin brass knuckles
game up in a head lock
other rappers sayin uncle
california on my mind
I’ll wave hi to Charlie Runkle

See I am too far in to quit
To on top to ever give in
Give me two more years
Then ask me how im livin’

Imma go and imma go and imma go until I pass out
Imma flow and imma flow and imma flow until I’m rapped out

The games tapped out in shambles and runnin off course
Den you struck oil with the 40 Long resource.

Im about my im about im about my bizniss
I am present in your mind
As if you taking class attendance!
With every sentence, come commitments, of why I am in dis
Man, I made a whole album
And dey callin it my hitlist!

Rhythm (featuring Brittany Schiavone Produced by DJ Turk)

Written By: Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

Rhythm by Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

On point like a needle cuz i flow so seamlessly/ rhythm in my veins like i took it intravenously it seems to me/ u seem to be/ fiendin for me equally/ as a hit of ecstasy/ they callin my flow equal E now im on the top/ no i wont be stopped/ stayin high off the beat and i wont detox blazzin sixteen like and ounce of that green pot/ gettin my kicks flow classic like reeboks they say he hot/ nah man im feverish/ junkies with they hands out like D Moon we needin this/ but i thought i kicked the habit/ damn i guess im still an adict/ and they dont make a patch to help me quit rappin damn what happened/ how could i fail/ got kicked off the wagon like the oregon trail a sample with my vocals leave you higher than three percs/ gimme a hit and ima show ya how D works damn im so bezerk/ makin ya knees hurt/ cuz u bouncin to this rhythm created by D Turk ladies in the club they beggin for t-shirts/ and im spittin so hard goddammit my teeth hurt


Written By: Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

M.L.K Written by Mike Oellrich and Dan Moon

its more than a dream to me this is life/ i pour kerosene on beats and ignite/ its more than just my fitted and the way i wear my jeans/ its more than when I splits MC's on this mic/ i know u gon get em on the next verse/ right now lemme get em till they head hurts/ maybe till they neck bursts/ just from bobin they dome/ bout to round third come all the way home/ then you come though with excedrin jaw/ you know they type a shit that makes them veterans call/ b like hey aint nobody out there better than yall/ u be bringin down the house no one better than yall/ u goddamn right thats a little off putting/ Bill Cos said i should get off pudding/ cuz the way bitches be lickin my lid make the head feel good like a real soft hoodie/ it'd be all good if a mobster offed snookie/ cuz then maybe MTV'd put music back up on TV/ believe me this shit needs to come to a screeching/ stop drop/ open up shop/ wanna change the world well heres ur shot/ i gotta be first on your MC search/ cuz i spit that shit that make the weasel go pop

The One (produced by Phunk)

Written By: Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

The One
Written by Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich
with my homies at the bar tryna act like we pimpin/ tryna get a girl to round third like ripkin/ none of them real though they all just fiction/ when you walk in notice a change in my diction/ then i toss the fitted change the way im dressed/ slim jeans sperrys button up fresh press now please dont be offended bout what ima say next/ but i cant help notice the swagger off in ur dress/ and yes girl you are so amazing/ all these otha women dont none of them phase me/ i can be that grown man that you've been cravin/ wake you in the morning callin you my baby/ and baby/ aint no one else around/ that can make me feel the way ya do now/ bout to change all my rules on love/ like ya cant find wifin material in the club, but I 3rd verse now its you and me, me and you, her and I/ them other guys keep jockin girl lets leave em behind/ and we can jump to my spot and we can unwind/ i see ya got ur friends and baby i got mine/ and we can have a party/ keep it clean or actin naughty/ and if you gon lay it down like a beat i jump up on it/ and girl i gotta b honest ima give you my word/ your my main course dont need seconds or thirds/

Sex, Drugs & Dirty Money

Written By: Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

Sex & Drugs & Dirty Money
Written by Mike Oellrich and Dan Moon

Thank you thank you please hold your applause
While I build my legacy, yall can call me Tron
im chasin dirty blondes, lookin like goldie Hawn
Who chase after these drugs, that they thinking that im on
shits insane
When girls doin cocaine off your keychain
They piss away they minds man, call em pee-brains

I just wanna settle down
I just wanna close the deal
But she always out clubbin
Like she killin baby seals

bout dat sex and drugs and dirty money
In the morning feelin scummy
Sex and drugs and rock and rolllll
Think im bout to overdoseeeee

Coma-tose, shit im dope
Masterbatin wit rope
Round my neck
What the heck
Where did that come from?
Im just tryna make the point that I am well-hung
I want girls to think im cool, so they buy my next album

can tone it down some
We don’t want no problems
You don’t need sex to sell anymore albums

But how come?
They gotta know that wit my pen im stupid dumb
feelings bleeding on the pad like period blood!

All The Gold

Written By: Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

Written by Mike Oellrich and Dan Moon

I had always told myself
That I won’t be a fake or fraud
That I would carry-on
As im held up by the hands of god

But god had fragile fingers
As I slipped through his unready arms
Now I sit on devils doorstep
Kickin it wit satan spawns

Combing through my selfish thoughts
I had forgot how real love felt
Cause every night a masquerade
Then in the morning show and tell

Who have I become
What have I done with the old me
Cause the new me’s weak and pitiful
The old me should re-mold me

All these people told me
this is how the world works
Material Babble can have you dabble with these cold girls
cold girls and cold drinks
lead to Warm nights and wet sheets.
Get it in and leave em out
Rinse, recycle, repeat.

So As I pledged allegiance to cursed, conned & corrupted
I pray the lord please to define again what love is

I’m scared to let my feelings pour
So I run an about face
Im think that my aorta tore
metaphor for heartbreak…

Do It Again (featuring B. Brown)

Written By: Dan Moon and Mike Oellrich

Do It Again
Written By Mike Oellrich and Dan Moon

This the story of a young man on his path to success/ whos faith in himself is heard in every blasphemous breathe/ whos idea of religion comes from rappin a set/ a soul christened in music so the passion is fresh/ a caption that read/ there's no time for regret/ was plastered on the wall behind the back of his bed/ the magic in his mind produce illusions of a classic/ he's like ready to die wrapped in illmatic/ at night he's still at it/ they can hear him creatin/ the kinda lines you would find on Shakespearean pages/ and the rhymes that he's makin/ are for the few kids who/ see his gift as a cure but not the blueprint 2/ the kinda art on the level of the chapel in the vatican/ with words he paints the ceiling through the microphone he's rappin in/ and the road he's travelings packed but he's imagining/ the concepts he conceives on his own are so immaculate/ and as we follow the story they starting to see/ that the author of the story was following me/ and if i should lose my footin before reachin the end/ ima get back on my feet and ima do it again/ ima do it again/ ima do it again/ and to those of you that doubt me let the hatin begin/ cuz if my body fall to pieces man my heart wont bend/ ima pull myself together and ill do it again