40 oz. Fist

40 oz. Fist


40ozFist is a punk ass death metal band, geared towards today's a.d.d. generation. Featuring short "punk rock" style songs mixed with a newer blend of deathmetal stylings. Extremely high energy music for the angry type with a positive spin.


Forty Ounce Fist is a six-piece punk ass death metal group hailing from "the brew city" Milwaukee Wisconsin. They play a fast paced blend of death metal, hardcore, punk, grindcore, and various styles of metal. They call it A.D.D. metal. The group formed in the summer of 2005 and never looked back. They worked hard on their debut release "Let's Fight About It" and were quickly picked up by Force5Records. They've played numerous shows thru out the midwest and have become known for thier energetic and violent stage presence. Most notably opening for Anthrax and Flaw. They're currently working on their sophomore release tentatively titled "No Need To Make A Scene"


"Let's Fight About It" 2006 (first release 10 song ep 16.5 minutes,all songs on ecast and touchtunes jukeboxes nationwide. also available on cdbaby)
"Lil Dinker" 2007 (enhanced demo 5 songs from upcoming release featuring a 15minute video production. limited pressing)

Set List

typicall set is 12 to 16 songs.
come get some, fight or flight, gar rout, sick day, duct tape dildo, t.l.c., take it or leave it, shut your trap, your way of life, cunt mouth, shock and awe, lesser of 2 evils, pop secret, bloody face. etc. we have a library of 25+ songs we draw from. average set time 25 to 35 minutes. all original songs