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Toledo, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Toledo, OH | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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Young, urban music community comes together for basketball charity event!

By Michael Hayes

Minister of Culture

I’ve been in the music scene for a long time here, and I’ve been doing this entertainment & culture column most of this decade.

Trust me, there are hundreds of “labels” and thousands upon thousands of

rappers/producers/singers and other artists and/or promoters and such in Toledo.

The city is overrun with so many people pursuing music, so many people

trying to get a name, so many people acting without thinking professionally.

You have a few certified household names in Toledo’s urban music scene.

You have a handful of reputable record labels, management firms and promotion teams

in Toledo’s urban music scene.

You have a handful of collectives that show real promise, potential and professional approach and even some with real industry success living here.

But for for every one or two respectable entertainment hustles around here,

there seems to be 10 or 15 others who drag the music scene down in negativity.

People around here would rather do beef, call names, spread false rumors

and be shady instead of working together.

The first reason why “Dunkin For Donations” is a brilliant move is because

it promotes many locally based entertainment collectives coming together

for a cause that is bigger than all of us.

Gutta Dave & Tracy of Hustle Hand Ent. ... if I could give these brothers an

award I surely would.

Hustle Hand is arguably the most powerful grass roots

urban entertainment collective in this city.

Artists, producers, graphic designers, promoters, security and more all flying

under the Hustle Hand banner have enjoyed a highly visible profile in Toledo for years.

Leading this movement is Gutta Dave and his top artist, Tracy Haynes.

They see firsthand how Toledo’s music scene routinely shoots itself in the foot

with negativity, lack of professionalism and fighting rather than working together.

So I’m glad that Hustle Hand Ent. formed their charitable arm,

Hands Over Hearts, to really show that local music makers can make positive change.

This event was designed to bring a select group of local labels together

in a spirit of partnership ... and my whole team and I have a lot of love and respect

for Tracy and Gutta Dave for having the vision and positive energy

to even conceive and follow through on this.


Is a basketball charity event, consisting of seven member teams from some of the most reputable entertainment companies in the city right now.

Any labels/crews who feel left out, I’m sure when this was being organized

there weren’t any personal beefs... so don’t make one when there isn’t one.

When I got the call for U.G.E. to be involved, I was honored... but I suck at basketball.

Teams :

Top Knoch Entertainment (what up, Harold March!) -

this record label hosts the summer basketball tournament at City Park/Savage Park.

Until the age of 10 I grew up over there...Lucas, Nebraska, Belmont and I can vouch

for Harold... this company is about giving back to the neighborhood. Props to ‘em!

Swagga Boyz

Mally, Chief, Cuntry and I think B. Wills are playing plus a few members of their

squad will be out in full force. When I say Toledo has a few household names,

the artists in this squad have been places and have fans to prove it.

They have reached a level of success most in this city have yet to see.

AND the music is slick as hell!

TEAM A.T.L. Kings of Nightlife

Al, Lonnie, Teddy and a few people from their camp will be out on the court as well.

Everyone you see throwing a ton of parties and doing club promotions right now

is following a blueprint set by A.T.L. years ago. They have a huge reputation

in this city.


I admit I don’t know much about Ollie Nicole as a company, but I know

they can customize an outfit for you and get you together.

They’ve done fashion shows and they represent another non-musical but

still very important part of the local entertainment world.

But see, I’m going to use this event to learn more about with folks.


T.J. Caz and his label will be on deck to get it in with their squad as well.

Yo, if you are on Facebook... please join T.J. Caz because his stats are usually

some of the most hilarious stuff ever! But yea, he and his team will be reppin.


Rocky, Darren and others from one of the newest labels in the city will be on deck.

And Darren got N.B.A. height... so this gonna be a fun tournament

and it’s good to have crews like this on board.


Tracy, Midwest Tone, Tempacha and other members of HH gonna run that day and I’m sure they will be hospitable hosts since they put this whole thing together.

I also want to give props to them because when they reached out to me

they reminded me that competition in the sport of basketball was not the main

focus. They said it was mostly about fun and charity and I respect them for that highly.


Darron Scott, T. Diamond, Aye Dee and other members of the U.G.E. fam and extended fam will be on deck. In true spirit of collaboration we even got an artist on our

squad who is well known around the city but more so as an individual,

a talented guy named Flow Mosley. I’ve done articles on him, mentioned him a lot.

We will be in the building to support, and have fun also.

(Leigh Ashley graduates from a Master’s program that day, she won’t be there..we have alot of people obtaining education on our roster).

Each team in the tournament has to bring DONATIONS.


Trying to find an organization to partner with to receive the charitable

offering, we have asked several agencies to be involved but we don’t

yet know which ones will show up, but any positive involvement will be accepted.

We hope to see you out in support, Toledo.


(If anyone is involved in this and I didn’t mention you, kindly send me a

RESPECTABLE email and I’ll mention you in the re-cap. Of course I only know

what I’m told)

- micheal hayes

"Tracy Haynes is a return to real"

In the era of “Stanky Legs” and “Apple Bottom jeans” Tracy Haynes is a breath of fresh air to music lovers. With his smooth vocals and clean-cut presentation, the R&B crooner is a throwback to the glory days of rhythm and blues when music was, well, music.

At the young age of 24, Haynes is a regular on the Toledo and northwest Ohio music scene and is on the path to becoming a full-fledged R&B sensation one step at a time; his first step being his debut album “Rare Breed,” which he plans to release on iTunes May 26.

“The title is really a personal thing,” Haynes said of his first full-length LP, “You get to know me, and you realize how I’m one of a kind.”

Haynes’, who has been featured on Fox Toledo Idol, describes his music as “smooth and sexy” and said it carries the vibe of his music inspirations which include Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, Sam Cooke and Curtis Mayfield. Haynes writes and produces the majority of his music and said he draws inspiration from life experiences, including love and romance and the hardships he has faced.

Despite “Rare Breed” being Haynes’ first official album, the singer has been a staple of the Toledo music scene for nearly five years and has a developed a steady fan base. When asked how he believes people came to be such devoted listeners, he accredited it to his personality.

“I just consistently show peace and love, and I do plenty of shows,” he said and laughed. “I’m just having fun out here, and it’s been a great experience so far. I love to perform for the fans, especially the ladies.”

While Haynes’ admitted it is difficult to promote himself in Toledo due to what he said is a lack of venues, the singer has been able to generate a local fan base due to constant promotion and MySpace, he said.

His singles have created a buzz in the city and are downloaded heavily on his MySpace page and cuts such as “Pretend” and “If Ain’t You” have already generated over a hundred thousand hits combined.

“Because Toledo is so shut down on venues right now, MySpace is a big help,” he said. “With MySpace, I’m slowly building a reputation in the Midwest region and I’m getting a lot more exposure. I used to go out and look for shows but now a lot of them come to me.”

Like many R&B singers, Haynes’ musical roots are firmly rooted in the church. His father is a gospel singer and as a child, Haynes said he would often emulate his father’s gospel group. He formed his own gospel group as a teen and made the transition to R&B music during high school.

“It was kind of a rebellious thing, but my parents have always supported me and are behind me 300 percent,” he said.

Haynes works closely with Toledo-based production and promotion team Hustle Hand Entertainment who has helped the artist get his first project off the ground. The production team works with many of the hip-hop and R&B artists in the city and while the relationship between Haynes and Hustle Hand is a professional one, Haynes also referred to them as “family.”

“We all grew up together,” he said. “... Since elementary school and when we both got into this line of work it was a no brainer. Hustle Hand does everything and we all help each other out.”

Haynes, who said he has complete artistic control of his album, said he is proud of the standards he’s set for himself. The singer said he doesn’t smoke or drink and is the father of two young girls.

“Being a father is the greatest thing that has happened to me — the greatest,” he said. “It’s not difficult balancing being a father and having kids. Since I’m still in the recording process, sometimes I’ll take the kids to the studio with me. I’ll always make time for them.”

With the trends in R&B music changing day-by-day, Haynes said he isn’t worried about not fitting in into the unpredictable music industry.

“My music is timeless,” he said. “I want everything to be something you could have played 20 years ago [and it would have gotten a good response], and something you can play 20 years from now and have it still connect with listeners. I’m reaching for legendary.”






Tracy grew up in Toledo, Ohio in a two-parent home with his two older sisters. Music was in his blood from the beginning, listening to his father perform with his gospel group, and singing to himself from the impressionable age of two. Picking up where his father left off, Tracy helped form a gospel group, True Faith, at fourteen. The five-part harmony were demanded by, and performed at, several churches in the region.
By the time Tracy made it to high school, the R&B bug had gotten a hold of him and wouldn't let go. Before he was old enough to drink, Tracy was writing and producing for his newest musical creation, All Out. Influenced by Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and his pastor, Tracy was cranking out hits for his group. The ensemble of seven enjoyed local success, performing throughout Toledo and the surrounding areas, and receiving radio play from the only urban station in the market. Even with all of the early attention, Tracy's biggest success was still yet to come.
After the group members decided to pursue solo careers, Tracy put his career into overdrive. His full attention was focused on building an audience, and it paid off. He was featured on the local news channel as a Toledo Idol, a segment that showcases a local artist building a name for himself. His growing popularity allowed him to further expand his brand and showcase his talent, opening up for major artists such as Tyrese, Trey Songz, and Drake. He also performed at a show in Detriot hosted by Vivica A. Fox in front of a crowd of more than 5000, and Bash at the Bay, arguably the biggest black event in Northwest Ohio, the crowd reaching over 5000 there as well. Not to mention his own album release party, where over 2000 over his supporters showed up. It was inevitable that Toledo wouldn't be able to hold this young star for long.
Myspace has been vital in Tracy's career. In less than a year, Tracy has gathered over 30,000 friends and received over 150,000 plays. His buzz is steadily becoming a mighty roar, and has opened up doors all over the Midwest. Tracy has performed all over Ohio, including Toledo, Lima, Sandusky, Findlay, Cleveland, Columbus, and John Legend's hometown of Springfield. He has also earned praise in Detroit and Fort Wayne, Indiana. And the list continues to grow.
Surprising to many, Tracy's short-term goal is to heavily impact the music industry and make timeless music. But the thing he looks most forward to is using his blessings to give back to his city, building community centers in under-privileged neighborhoods, providing updated computers, daycare centers, youth activities, and educational options. He has already started this process by conceptualizing, organizing, and participating in a charity basketball game, Dunkin’ for Donations, the proceeds benefiting the children of the foster care system. This is the motivation that continues to drive Tracy to succeed in this business.
Outside of writing, producing, and composing music, Tracy enjoys playing basketball, football, bowling and shooting pool, but most of all, raising his two beautiful daughters. Tracy's star not only continues to shine, but is beginning to light up the rest of the nation. Whether stealing hearts, guiding artists, or writing hits, Tracy is not a name to forget.