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4:20 @ North Ontario Hempfest 2005

Northern Ontario, Ontario, Canada

Northern Ontario, Ontario, Canada

4:20 @ Cannabis Rally

Berkley, California, USA

Berkley, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Performance Review: 4:20

@Munchaba Lounge, September 19, 2003

by Chris Scheno

4:20 is comprised of Pago Ado (bass,toy piano,80's drum machine and vocals) The beautiful petite Tree (keyboards,bass on a song,wood blocks)
and Matty B(1st tourettian rapper,bong hits), and together this trio offered up a rasta-inspired set of insouciant raps celebrating the herb, if not life itself. Picture the Beastie boys meets Sesame Street meets Spongebob SquarePants
meets Abbot and Costello: that's kind of the good-times vibe 4:20 emits.

Their set kicked off with "Sing the Song," immediatley introducing 4:20's underlying "come and join the band " message. The eponymous "It's 4:20 " followed, it's title clarifying the band's position on various issues, the main one being that "4:20" is as good as any to spark up. Am or Pm? take your pick. (And yes, that was a Bach theme played by Tree in the intro.)

As if one was'nt getting 4:20's message, "Marijuana Slingers," and then, "Pass the Bong," their next tunes, declared it outright.

Appropriate to the afterglow of a good buzz, "Watching Tv " followed, highlighting the laid-back pleasure of chillin out while kicking back and watching the tube.

Next, crouched Schroeder- like over a bone white toy piano, Pago Ado introduced "That's it " with a cool melody that was picked up and carried on by Tree steppin up to play bass. I might add Matty B's rap was masterfully executed.

At that point, many of us who had previously taken the band for an amusing novelty act--"What the.....?" being the unspoken and intrigued expression on many of our faces--realized that 4:20 was the "real deal." Pago Ado's thumping bass lines and infectious enthusiasm inspired a rush to the dance floor. Matty B, already bopping around like a loose pinball, fed off the dance mob, lifting the night to higher grounds.

The next song "If you let them," kept the dance mob pulsating, continuing and enhancing 4:20's "party up" theme with it's message: have fun, chill out and don't take no shit, imploring one and all to be true to ourselves in the face of all opposition. Matty B and Pago Ado shouted out lyrics during the song's call-and-responce refrains like a pair of dueling auctioneers.

At song's close, and with the dance floor now over-flowing, Pago Ado waved to the audience inviting everyone to join 4:20 on stage. What followed was one of those once-in-a-lifetime "you had to be there" scenes. Accepting Pago Ado's invitation, Munchaba patrons of all ages flooded up onto the stage, the band nearly disappearing amidst them. In their wake, remaining patrons filled up the dance floor as Pago Ado introduced "light up," an exuberant pro-Rasta anthem. Then, in a scene reminiscent of The Beatles "Hey Jude" video, 4:20 led a celebratory sing-a-long that had one and all chanting the "light up" refrain as if those two words represented a mantra leading us directly to a never-ending buzz.

I recall seeing a few lighters spark up during that epic closing song. And, though I didn't smell the herb in question, I did witness an inspiring, put a smile on your face set that had Munchaba Lounge patrons and employees rocking out like children set free into the playground of life.

Catch 4:20 wherever they are next, they're a good time waiting to happen.
- Chris Scheno


4:20 as seen on POTTV!!! 4:20 Soon to debut their debut album! Search and you will find 4:20!
Time to Light up!


Feeling a bit camera shy


4:20-AS SEEN ON POT TV began at 4:20 sometime in 2002. Mattyb offered Pago Ado a blunt at a bar and that's where it all began.
At around the same time as this meeting Pago Ado received an 80's drum machine from his sisters husbands father. After tinkering around a bit Pago started working it into the band.
4:20 Is a band to be reckoned with!