The Next Generation Funkadelic led by Pfunks Mike CLip Payne featuring a revolving cast of All Star Musicians from across the musical spectrum. Jambase.com called them "the full blown return to the Pedro Bell era Funkadelic Glory" Aint no party like a 420 Party cause a 420 party don't stop!


Led by Mike Clip Payne, the 420 Funk Mob features a revolving cast of past and present members from the Parliament/Funkadelic camp and an all star cast supporting musicians. Past band members include; Garry Starchild Shider, Mike Kidd Funkadelic Hampton, Billy Bass Nelson, Skeet Curtis, Boogie Mosson, Lige Curry and drummer Gabe Gonzalez from Pfunk. The Mobs hometown Woodstock NY posse include, Zach Alford (Gwen Stefani), Adam Widoff and Chicken Burke (Big Lovely), Peter Keys (James Otto,SeepeopleS), Joey Eppard (3), Stephanie McKay (McKay,Mos Def), The Wefunk Horns Paul Henderson, Shane Kirsch, and Dean Jones.
You never know what’s gonna happen or just who may show up as part of the 420FM, the band has been everything from a 6 piece Psychedelic Funk Rock Band to an 18 piece Funkestra. Complete with a line up of guest artists that reads like a Whose Who list of legendary performers and up and coming artists. George Clinton, Fred Wesley from the JB's, Jazzman Stanley Jordan, the Bad Brains founders Dr. Know and Daryl Jenifer, Stokholm Syndrome's Eric McFadden, Violinist Lili Haydn, Kendra Foster, Sativa, DJ Logic, and the Muzik Mafia's Jon Nicholson, James Otto and Jerry Navarro all mobbed up on different occasions.
The 420 Funk Mob has a history apart from the Pfunk world since the bands first sold out shows at TRAMPS in New York City in 1997 and again in 1999. In 2000 the 420FM live streamed the audio and VIDEO of the first 420FM Super Meltdown TripFest and the rehearsals leading up to it over the internet. That gave birth to TripFest TV, an internet TV “Variety” show hosted by Clip Payne and GPace from the short lived radiowoodstock.com studios in upstate New York.
It wasn’t until 2001 that George Clinton had his first 420 experience. The band did two shows at the legendary Wetlands, then followed it up with sold out shows at the Stone Pony and the Haunt. A two show day at Bard and Vasser colleges in upstate New York, and then finished off the weekend with an appearance by George Clinton and Clip Payne at the High Times Stoney Awards in New York City where they presented rapper Snoop Dog with the Stoner of the Year Award. When the Press asked George about his first appearance with the 420 Funk Mob. “It was like 1969 all over again.” he said with a smile. Since that day 420FM became George’s “Other Band” that he sits in with regularly and gets to just let it all go and have some straight up fun.
420FM’s sold out performances at colleges, festivals and clubs on the east coast gave way to appearances overseas. The bands European debut in 2005 was simulcast on radio and television as part of the 25 year anniversary party for Spanish Radio 3. The resulting 3 cd Concert set entitled “Alive in Spain” reviews said it all, "The 420FM are a band determined to build on the legacy of George Clinton... if not the full blown return to the Pedro Bell era of Funkadelic glory!”
In 2006 the lists of internet firsts continued. 420 Funk Mob and their counterpart DRUGS were the first bands to perform live on Sirius Satellite Radio's first day of WORLD WIDE INTER NET WEB Casting. Doing a special Halloween broadcast with DJ Stef Scarmado. Later on that week the C MusicGroup/Wefunk and Pfunk management team took part in different panels at the famed CMJ College Music Symposium held in Lincoln Center. 420FM finished up the week performing a sold out CMJ Music Conference showcase at Crash Mansion. The crowd went down the block and around the corner to catch the 420 Funk Mob with special guests Kendra Foster, DRUGS, and George Clinton.
“The 420 FM quickly created a deeply woven fabric of funk layers that brought the audience into frenzied dance late into the night,”stated a review in the Times.


420 Funk Mob "Live on the Off Days" (2001) 2cd set
420 Funk Mob "Alive in Spain" (2005) 3 cd set
The Search for T & A (2004) Video Compilation
420 Funk Mob: What Time is It? DVD (2004)

Set List

Audiosoul Festival 8/20/05 with George Clinton, Fred Wesley and Kendra Foster
March to the Witches Castle
Nuthin Before Me But Thang
How Do You View You
Funky Woman
House Party w/ Fred Wesley
Doin it to Death w/ Fred Wesley
Up for the Downstroke W/ George Clinton
Bounce to This w/ George Clinton, Kendra Foster
Mothership Connection w/ GC, Fred Wesley, K Foster
Swing Down w/ GC, Fred Wesley, K Foster
Starchild w/ GC, Fred Wesley, K Foster
Red Hot Mama

420 Funk Mob
Universal Church of Love and Music
October 4 2004
Maggot Brain
Funky Woman
Red Hot Mama
I Betcha Ya
The Goose
Funky Dollar Bill
You and Your Folks
Funky Music
No Compute
Baby I Owe You Something Good
Nuthin Before Me But Thang

420 Funk Mob Tramps March 7 1997
first show opening for Cameo
Nuthin Before Me But Thang
Funky Woman
Miss Lucifers Love
Still Tight
Funkadelic Groupie
Trash A Go Go