Imagine a band with the crunchy hooks of Metallica, the groove of Soundgarden, the angst of Pantera and lyrics that actually tell a story. 454 is a band that knows exactly who, what and when they are: a natural evolution of modern heavy music free of dated trends and grounded in crafted songwriting.

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454 - (Self Titled)

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Though we are an original band, typically playing 6 or 7 original songs in a 45 minute set, we commonly play select covers from the 80s to today. Unlike professional 'cover bands', we opt for the less exploited bands and 'gems' that fit closely with our own original music and more often than not perform these songs in a way that is unique to us. It helps reinforce our roots to the audience ...and because we write original songs that are accessible, people often can't tell when a song is the work of a multi-platinum selling rock/metal band they just haven't heard of yet ...or our own.