The bilingual superhero of Rock'n'roll. We are inspired creatively by the longitude of skyscrapers and flowers, and the width of wind across tundra as far as both eyes can see.


Conceived in the chilly hills of northwestern Massachusetts, mettle-tested in the poolhalls and dancehalls of Mexico City, and currently the clarion of Jersey City, we sound out through the five boroughs in two tongues with one purpose: to turn your ass into a jumping bean, mama.


"A Toda Madre" (2005)
"Avenue Boulevard" (2006)

Set List

One set, no covers, usually:

Ninety-two Bentley
Pulaski Skyway
La Gorrion
Quetzalcoatl v. Juan Camposantos
Shotgun Wedding
Foxxy Edamame
Dr. Atl
Five and Dime
I've Been Here Before
The Last One
Anne Jolene
The Snake Shake-Shake

and if we do covers:
Manu Chao – Clandestino
Tom Waits – Old ‘55
Lou Reed – Satellite of Love
La Salon Rosada - A ti te gusta el cha cha cha
T Bone Burnett - Devil Woman
Elvis Costello - So Young
The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait