45 club

45 club

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My Group covers two genres rap, and R&B. There energetic and great performers. If you are look to put on a show this the group.


Energy,Charisma Poetic Rhyme schemes are a few attributes that make 45 club stand out in the New Hip Hop Era. Brothers William Harvey and Jamar Pryor are the total package. Whether it's a hardcore street anthem, a bottle poppin club banger or a smooth R&B style track 45 club can still get their message across.

Currently at the Drawing board for their Debut 45 club are sure to be a a recking force in the future. I know your thinkin what can these Artists bring to the table? William Harvey's Estatic energy and versatality rhyme patterns alongsinde Jamar Pryor's Calm Enthusiacstic punchlines balances them as a group. Welcome to the greatest club ever. CLUB 45

This bands infuences are Run D Mc, marvin gaye, James Brown, Rakim, and NWA.
Our Group is an upstate based group with a east coast, down south, and mid west sound.


Mark Of the Beat- 45

1st Single "To You (Three Steps)"

Set List

Mark Of The Beast
Tell Me are you Wit Me
Just like Me
Rock You
Who I Am
Three Steps
Young Girl
Panties Drop
Price On mY head
Every Single DAy