45 Degrees

45 Degrees


Bringing together Europe, Asia, and North America... 45 Degrees blends Traditional Turkish, American Roots, and Turkish Rock, into a highly original and exciting live music experience.


Turkish guitar, harmonica, and vocals simmered in a US rhythm stew. That's what happend when ancient STL bassist Bill Beach arrived in Istanbul to commune with with young Turk medicine men Cihan and Hakan. The brew reached critical mass once the elusive Savas added his electrifying lead guitar. The mysteries of the quantum await you in Istanbul.


Monday Morning

Written By: William Beach

Monday Blues

Got two cars
with short term tires.
Got three lamps
with exposed wires.
Got four loaves
of old moldy bread
Got five days
till the weekend I said...

Its Monday Morning
and I get so tired
tellin myself
your gonna get fired.
Why do we have to work so much
for people so out of touch?
We pay our taxes
they go up in smoke.
They treat our money
like some kind of joke.
Why did I ever
read the Sunday News?
I always end up
with The Monday Blues.

Got two socks
that don't make a match
Three keys
don't fit any latch.
Four cans a
half empty beer.
Five days till
the weekend gets here.


Two years
to pay on my car.
Three more on
the one in the yard.
Four times more
goin out than in
Five days till
the damn weekend.



Written By: William Beach

I was wondering in the desert

I was searching for a sign

So I buttoned up my shirt

And got myself in line

When I saw her picture

plastered on the wall

She said give me all you money

And I’ll give you my all.

She was a tabletop dancer

She was long and lean.

I said I’m looking for an answer

She said I know just what you mean.

I was caught off guard,

I didn’t know what to do.

I hadn’t drawn a card,

but my game was through

I was overcome

by her intellect

the parts of the sum

too cool to connect

I said, tell me my goddess,

is life destiny?

She said, you be honest,

do you think you’re not free?

She said I got a name that no one here knows

I stay on my game and put on a show

But at night I study philosophy

And you can call me Socratease.

Set List

Original music with barely recognizable covers of US Roots and Turking Traditional imperceptably woven in.

Can play three one hour sets easily.