46 Long

46 Long

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

46 Long is still the little band with a big groove, and definitely NOT your usual Blues outfit. Genre-defying, high-energy and soulful. No pork pie hats, shades, or "sho-'nuff I got de Blues" stuff. We're just gonna throw down. If you've given up on the Blues because you think you've heard it all before, let 46 Long show you otherwise.


Long known for high-energy acoustic Blues and jams, 46 Long is evolving into an even groovier sound as the years go by. Look for us to get loud and funky at our late night shows, sometimes with a drummer, and you can still dig the duo at Arnold's the first Friday of every month from 6-8. We've logging a bit of studio time, so keep your eyes open for some new, dark and groovy juice! We'll be posting videos and ripping some audio for your viewing listening pleasure soon! Check the audio and video links!

46 Long was nominated in the "original Music" category of the Best of Cincinnati awards, and Blake has been nominated in the "Best Musician" category! (2103 and 2014)

"Tennessee" released on August 3, 2012

"If you've given up on the Blues because you think you've heard it all before, pick up 'Tennessee' and let 46 Long show you otherwise." - Citybeat

"Sexy, with Blues and Jazzy overtones" - Metromix
"Edgy acoustic Blues" - Cincinnati Enquirer

"Taylor once again proves hes one of the best Blues harmonica players in the region, playing the mouth harp like a saxophone, a vocal part, a rhythm guitar or pretty much any other instrument you can think of. " - Citybeat review of "Tennessee"

* "Off the Rack" #59 on WNKU's top 89 of 2010
*"Tennessee" #77 on WNKUs top 89 of 2012
** Cincinnati Entertaiment Award nominees 2003, 2010, 2012
*** Midpoint Music Festival showcase performers 2009, 2010, 2015.

Find out why four mohawk-sporting punks crowding the stage at the 2009 Midpoint Music Festival were whooping and hollering and leading the cheers for....an acoustic Blues duo? Definitely NOT your usual Blues duo....You want 12 bar tales of woe? Sorry, that's not really our thing. We start with high-energy, soulful acoustic Blues and then take off from there. We'll get funky. We'll get Jazzy. We'll jam our butts off. Before you know it, you're moving your feet, and if you're lucky, you're having half as much fun as we are.

46 Long (Jonathan Reynolds Guitar/Vocals/happy feet, and Blake Taylor - Harmonica / Vocals / occasional nudity) has been supplying the greater Cincinnati area with high-energy semi-acoustic Blues since the spring of 2001. The duo released "Savor Every Second" in January 2003 and eventually went on to be nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) for Best Blues 2003. In 2007, the boys released Times Right, also to critical acclaim.

46 Long released "Off the Rack" in Summer 2010, which brought them both their second CEA nomination, and the album came in at #59 on WNKU's top 89 of 2010 - right in between Charlie Musselwhite and Will Kimbrough. Damn fine company, we think. Along with a handful of originals, the album includes nine of the band's favorite covers, including Blues classics from the likes of Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf as well as original arrangements of songs from artists such as Morphine, Tom Waits, and Nina Simone.

Another CD of original tunes, "Tennessee," Was released August 2012

46 Long promises a good time and a professional attitude. We've spent enough time playing music and have seen too many bands who don't take their work seriously. We guarantee that we will be on time, courteous to all concerned, and play to the best of our ability at every show. Simply put... no B.S. or music egos.

Sure, there are other guitar/harp Blues duos out there, but somewhere since our beginnings in 2001 as an acoustic Blues group, we've become something different. We hope you like it. We may be over-educated middle class white boys, but somewhere along the line we learned to throw down anyway. We want the groove just as much as our fans do, if not more. If you don't believe us, just give us a shot... if we don't deliver, hell, we'll buy you a beer.

Oh, and the name? Put it this way, at 6'3" and 230 lbs, Blake is the little one.

Come see us the first Friday of every month at Arnold's Bar and Grill!

Past and Present Venues include: Midpoint Music Festival; Cincinnati Winter Blues Fest; Arnolds; Southgate House; WNKU; Molly Malones; Paxton's Grill; Western and Southern Open; Ft. Thomas Pub, Mahogany's; East End Cafe; Coco's; Glendale Pub; Jazzmania; Ridge Day Festival; Acoustic Lunch Series at Piatt Park; City BBQ; The Madison Theater; Hamilton County Parks various venues, Starbucks; the Pendleton Gallery; and many other highly selective music venues....

Contact: 46long@gmail.com


"Tennessee" - August 2012 (#77 album of 2012: WNKU)
"Off the Rack" - August 2010 (#59 album of 2010: WNKU)
"Time's Right" - August 2007
"Savor Every Second" - Jan. 2003
"46 Long" - August 2001

Set List

We mix originals and covers. Here's our master list of regular songs:

More - D
Till The Mood is Right - E
Times My Only Friend
No Condition
Lagos Blues
Let Me Come Over
Savor Every Second 
Its a Shame  
So Damn Lucky 
Too Many Goodbyes 
East 13 
Hard to Sing the Blues 
Suitcase and a Gun 
One Mo Cuppa 
Times Right
Shame on Me
My Babys Away
Lighthouse Girl
The Best Revenge
Lock it Up or Lose It
Show Me


Old Love 
Broke Down Engine 
Whos Been Talkin 
*Drop Down Mama 
Too Many Drivers 
Rollin and Tumblin
*Death Letter 
16 Tons Am