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If you've been searching for that Mint condition,tony toni,tone band type funk with a contemporary gospel twist type of mix well HERE IT IS!!!!


When P-Funk meets Quartet music you get Brothaz N Christ.Growing up in church we always had music in us but as time went on and we heard other(worldly)music it began to take on a di fferent shape "I LIKE THAT" I told my brother and we were on a mission to develope our own thang.So as the story should go we had oppertunity to meet and open up for some of the greatest musicians and performers of all time Roger and ZAPP Morris Day and the Tyme Silk and others.Gaining stage savy along the way and learning how to apply it to a Christian setting we soon developed the sound we call "The Gospell" (the truth)


In May of 2006 we released our debut album Brothaz N Christ (long time comin) and we do have tracks recorded by legendary greats The Mighty clouds of joy (House of the Lord) and (Magnify)recorded by Rizen a group of 4 females out of Michigan