We are a well-rounded band with a high-energy live show, good songs, and an accessibility to fans of most genres.


Following numerous EP's and demos, 48sin has completed their most ambitious effort yet in the band's first full-length album, "Retract, Collide, Collapse." Recorded with Producer Chuck Macak at Electrowerks Music Production, the record comprises a taste for rock hooks, pop melodies, and a dash of synthesized expression. Retract, Collide, Collapse features Art Direction and Design by Shelby Cinca (Dillinger Escape Plan, Darkest Hour, Frodus), as well as guest keyboards by Rob Kleiner (Tub Ring).

The Chicago quartet has been waxing their musical chops around the Midwest for a little over two years, securing interviews and airplay in their native city. The band takes influences from every genre, perhaps most notably from the 90s rock they grew up on. This brings the emphasis on solid riffs and strong melodies to 48sin's aural table.

"Retract, Collide, Collapse" is available digitally worldwide through all major online distributors including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Napster. The CD version is currently available at most Chicago-land Hot Topic locations, selling out half its stock in the first week of release.

"Sipping Down the Barrel of a Gun," the second track off the album, was hand-picked by Just Blaze for inclusion on a free compilation CD given away to 50,000 customers at every Guitar Center location in the country. It is planned for an October release.

A west-coast tour is planned for November, including the famous Whisky A Go Go on November 9th.


"It's Only Redirection" -EP (2009)
"Retract, Collide, Collapse" - LP (2008)
"48sin" - EP (2007)

Set List

1.) Landing
2.) Sipping Down the Barrel of a Gun
3.) The Anchor and His Travels
4.) Where Saviors Hide
5.) Precipitate
6.) Communal Decay
7.) The Infection
8.) Secret Slaughter
9.) Autonomy
10.) Bloodletting
11.) Impedance
12.) In the Freeze
13.) It's Only Redirection