We are energetic and charismatic performers who are very passionate about writing our own music. We are young (both 23) and appeal to various audiences due to our range of musical styles.


We began playing music when we were about 14 years old after discovering the band Chicago, who quickly became our favorite group. Being cousins, we grew up together and did most things together. So, when it came to our sudden interest in playing/writing music we went at it as we always had gone about things... together. We took a liking to the individual instruments that we play now and decided to jump in with both feet and purchase said instruments. Although we were extremely motivated to begin writing, neither of us had any musical experience and couldn't even tell you how to play a "C" note. Before we could begin to pursue our musical endeavor we were separated in high school when Rob moved to West Virginia. There, he joined the jazz band and began to gain the skills necessary to become a fluent musician. In the meantime, I (Travis) had begun to study the guitar independently, and we were both on our way to becoming musicians. Once reunited at the age of 19 we began playing together and sharing our individual experiences in music. After a few failed attempts at covering songs we once again took a break and pursued our own individual interests.

We maintained our friendship together and continued to do everything together. After going through struggles with life and failed attempts at relationships, at the age of 22 we began to write music together, expressing all of our feelings that we had repressed in song. In September of 2005, we began to work on our project titled "White Lies". The title is based on our feelings toward love, life, relationships, and incorporates the name of an individual who several of the songs are written about.

We are trying to become more active in performing because it is our biggest passion to play in front of people. We are still working on "White Lies" in the studio and hope to successfully promote the project when it is finished.


Like I Do

Written By: R.Saul (Music by T.Wettstein/R.Saul)

Game over, you win. You broke my heart again. And if you could feel like me, then maybe you'd see. That he can't love you like I do, that's why I can't let go.

Do you feel pain like I do or love like I do? Do you ever miss my smile or kiss like I do with you?

Does he want you? Does he need you? Does he love you like I do?

Will he hold you? Will he kiss you? Will he miss you like I do?

For Loving You

Written By: Robert Saul

Walking through darkness, waiting to fall. If love has rules then I've broken them all. Your love is like a dream that won't come true. My heart is unmended for loving you.

For loving you I feel nothing but sorrow. For loving you I have no hope for tomorrow. For loving you I've lost a friend. For loving you I'll never love again.

And I'm so so sorry for loving you

World of Lies

Written By: Travis Wettstein

Guilt me, fight me, tell me I'm wrong. That's not the first I've heard of that song. It goes on and on.

Forget what you said when you looked in my eyes. Forget that you showed me a world of lies. A cruel world of lies.

Pretend that you know me, my feelings, my dreams. Sometimes the surface is cloudy is seems.

First thing is first, let's get something straight. I've waited and waited now it's too lates. No if's and's or but's will make it okay. Nor will I'm sorry, that's just something you say.

So when you feel lonely or angered by hate. Remember that this time it's your turn to wait.


Currently recording CD

Set List

We have not done any covers yet so we will continue to go to songwriters forums to perform.
Right now our set list is:

Like I Do
Maybe Goodbye (or) Even If You Don't Love Me
The Way That It Goes (or) How Could I
Let You Go