4Eva Blessed
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4Eva Blessed

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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"4Eva Blessed"

Rap Ministry - Blessed 4 Lyfe Records


Album Titled: "The Awakening" (Led By Christ)
16 Tracks
Single form album titled: "End Of Time"



Born in Anniston Alabama and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Larry Williams grew up surrounded by poverty. While moving from project to project he was exposed to many crime ridden neighborhoods. Larry was only eight years old when he began to occupy his time with the God given gifts that he was blessed with. Amongst these were, playing the drums, writing poems, and his passion for writing lyrics that would eventually lead to his rap skills. Little did Larry know the Lords intentions for these skills and the divine intervention that would follow. Larry was raised in a traditional church setting but at such a young age, he did not understand what it was to be fully committed to the Lord. As Larry got older, his secular rap music became well known to those who lived in his neighborhood. Being raised in the church, Larry would always make it his responsibility to attend services regularly, even though he did not totally give his heart to the Lord. At the age of fifteen, Larry visited a youth concert which was held at World Changers International Church in Atlanta Georgia. It was there he heard a gospel rap performance for the first time and received a revelation from God, that the rap skills that were given to him, were not to be used for the worlds system, but for the Kingdom of God. Larry went home that night with great conviction. He began to seek God in prayer, asking the Lord to renew his mind and to give him the words that he should use to minister through gospel rap. Larry then surrendered his heart to the Lord, and became a member at World Changers International Church, in Atlanta Georgia; here he joined the God Core Rap group and ministered through gospel rap on several occasions.
Larry later moved to Miami Florida, where God began to constantly minister to him, giving him lyrics which were mainly geared towards the last days. Larry always had a vision that one day he would start his own record label, by faith and perseverance he did so in 2008, when he formed (“Blessed 4 Lyfe Records, LLC”). Larry began performing at Churches and Concerts in Miami, spreading the gospel undiluted through Rap ministry to the young and older audiences. Larry stated that, “Secular rap music which is very prominent in our society today and the negative influences it presents to teenagers and young adults, does nothing to promote love for one another and that instead, only promotes lies, hatred and violence”. Larry also stated that, “this is why his music is culturally relevant for today’s society”. For this reason those seeking Jesus Christ as their savior would be wise to listen to his rap ministry and the lyrics it presents. Larry proclaims to be forever blessed no matter what challenges he faces in this life, as a result; he identifies himself as 4Eva Blessed. Because of his desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, Larry’s rap ministry has grown rapidly. He is known to bring forth the Word of God undiluted, straight from the bible into his music, so that his passion for souls will be spread throughout the world until God returns for his children. Larry has worked hard, putting in a lot of time and effort on his new album titled “The Awakening, Led by Christ”, which includes sixteen tracks, so that his listeners will understand the power of Christ love, death and resurrection. With versatility in his style of music Larry’s determination is to reach as many people through Rap Ministry. His single titled “End of Time” from the Album “The Awakening Led by Christ” is available online as well as the Album. Get ready to open up your mind, ears and soul so that you can retain a positive message from the one we call, 4Eva Blessed.