Albany, New York, USA

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4ever1 began in 2004.

The band is comprised of

Donna Lynn Munafo (lead vocals, acoustic guitar)
Joe Munafo (keys, strings, vocals)
Wayne Grosvenor (electric bass, stand up bass)
Jimmy Sickels (drums)
Sonia Higgins (harmony vocals)
Fred Korkosz (lead guitar)
Dave Dearborn (rhythm guitar)
Jim Ryan (sound / media tech)


I Will Sing

Written By: Donna Munafo

My heart is steadfast oh God
My heart is steadfast oh God
And I will sing, and I will sing

Awake my soul! Awake the harp!
I will awaken the dawn
And I will praise You, oh Lord, among the nations.
I will sing of You, Lord,
among the peoples.

For great is Your love,
reaching to the heavens.
Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Be exalted, O God,
above the heavens.
Let Your glory be all over the Earth.

You Died for Me

Written By: Donna Munafo

They nailed the hands that set me free.
They pierced the feet that walk with me.
With a crown of thorns upon Your head,
You could have lived, but died instead.

Endured the pain and mockery
upon the cross for all to see.
Your punishment was so unfair.
It was my sin that held You there.

You died for me. (2x)

You could have gotten down so easily and just walked away.
But Your love for us is so much stronger than the pain You felt that day.

Calvary’s hill, the story told,
a million times, will not get old.
So I’ll tell the world again.
How the Son of God was slain.

Just Ask the Lord

Written By: Donna & Joe Munafo

Are you tired of the rain that keeps on pouring down?
Are you always looking for a brighter day?
Are you searching for a way to turn your life around?
Are you wishing that the pain would go away?

Do you want to look ahead and put the past behind?
Do you want to be washed clean of every sin?
Do you want to find the peace to calm your anxious mind?
Do you want to start it all over again?
Just ask the Lord, He will answer.
Look to the Lord, He won’t deny.
The door is always open for the hungry and the broken.
And His hand will wipe away the tears you cry.

Even when the rains come, your days will be brighter.
In a weary, troubled world, your burdens lighter.
He’ll forget your past and forgive your sin,
He won’t ask you where you’ve been. He’ll just welcome you in.

Lamb Upon the Throne

Written By: Donna Munafo

You lift me up, when the world puts me down.
You're always there when no one else is around.
And You comfort me through every storm. You never leave me alone.
The Lamb upon the throne.

Amazing love, the world just can't comprehend.
Almighty God, the beginning and end.
You can make the mountains tremble and melt the heart made of stone.
The Lamb upon the throne.

I'm so thankful for the sacrifice You made for me,
On Calvary's hill that dark and painful day.
I'm amazed at all the things You've changed inside of me.
I called upon Your name. I'll never be the same.

You died for me, but the stone rolled away.
Defeated death when You rose the third day.
Now You're seated at the right hand; Your majesty known.
The Lamb upon the throne.