We are a rock band from Tupelo, MS. We have shared the stage with Family Force 5, Skillet, Josh Kelly, Pillar, Taylor Hicks, Building 429, and Seventh Day Slumber. We have an energetic live show that keeps the crowd on their feet, leaving our fans wanting more. Our music is our life's work.


If your in the south keep your ear out for this band 4Evermore. With Songs Like Guardian that give a heart felt tribute to all the armed forces in this country, Meaning of life that help you learn more about who you are, How you are that keep listeners on their feet anticipating what's going to happen next. This band is not affraid to travel and keeps it professional.
4Evermore is made up of; Chris Knox on drums, Daniel Guy on bass, Dustin Martin on lead guitar and BGV's, and Derek Stone on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, formed in 2007 as Derek Stone. When previous Drummer Adam Clayton, and Derek emerged from the studio after recording there 2007 EP Release “Scrutiny of life,” and needed a band to support the EP on a small tour, later teaming up with Dustin and Daniel. The music of Derek Stone started to breathe and evolve as it fell on the ears of over 52,000 people, in 25 different cities, in under 55 shows.
The Tupelo MS, based band won three competitions they entered in 2007 that taught them more about the music industry, including;
-The 2007 Battle of The Bands at The Elvis Presley Festival,
-The Atlanta Fest leg of the 2007 Artist Ovation Talent search.
-Semi finalist in the Band With a Mission contest for Shoutfest.
-Showcasing in Nashville for Word Label Group

In 2008 Derek Stone felt that the band as a whole was in it for the long haul, and wanted to change the name to fit the new live sound and make them all one unit firing on all cylinders.

Moving forward 4Evermore is pushing the envelope of what the industry expects from a Rock Band with a positive message. Derek says that the band is still pushing forgiveness and you will see more of that in the months to come as 4Evermore has teamed up with Ben Kasica, the guitar player for Skillet, to mix and master their new album titled "Intervention."
Adam later left the band in 2008 and 4Evermore Picked up drummer Chris Knox from Oxsford MS.
So be looking for this band on tour this summer as well as there new CD "Intervention" due out this fall.


How You Are

Written By: Derek Stone

How You Are

This life of mine this time has been redefined
There’s no shame I can’t taste and stay away

You walk this way
You talk this way
But do you live that way
This debate can not be explained
Until you fall on your face

You say why
Can’t I
Go passed the lines that you’ve drawn in my life
This is how you are

So disturbed how I’ve heard
About the way that you are
So I looked to your hope to find my answer why

You live your ways and try to tell me the same
You had no reason to lie thank God you told me the truth

Oh God I love to sing of you
Lifting my hands up hi just to touch you


EP 2007 "Scrutiny of life"
Currently in studio

Set List

No Reason
Helping You
It's Not Easy
How You Are
It's About
Meaning of Life
For You
Tapped Out