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"4-God "The Movement""

The Movement

The underground scene delivers once again, with a new voice in the holy hip hop movement. Enter 4-God, the Los Angeles transplant, originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his solo debut, The Movement.

The 13-track offering transcends geographical boundaries, as 4-God stays focused on dropping bangin’ beats with clever lyrics and a welcomed dose of “bobblehead juice”. Check out two bonafide club bangers, “Party Song” and “Who Knew”. The incredibly contagious vibe of both of these tracks will earn them immediate storage in your iPod. Jeremiah Tutstone handles the hook for “Who Knew”, perfectly complimenting the track.

Aaron James, aka A-Hype, does a stellar job handling production duties on the project. In addition to production, he handles the album’s instrumentation and lends his vocals to “Footprints” and “The Stomp”. The latter starts with the feel of a college marching band and ultimately serves as 4-God’s statement of purpose.

In addition to a clear and exciting lyrical flow, the emcee speaks to life’s issues while offering a healthy offering of transparency. “Let’s Be” deals with the process of finding a mate, with Camesha Thomas handling the hook. “Temptations” looks to support brothers who are regularly fighting enticements of all types.

No matter how you flip it, there’s no denying that 4-God has a hit on his hands with his debut effort. Simply put, The Movement has begun and it will be televised! This is another worthy addition to your hip-hop collection.

Producers: Aaron James, Michael Barbee
album release date: May, 2006
Rey of Hope Records

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner —

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- Gospel Flava

""The Movement""


On point...
Reviewer: R.A.
The beats are hot... the lyrics smooth... you have to get this CD...

Blazin, hot, and summer ready for all young Christians!
Reviewer: Darick Rutley
This project is a testimony, and a sermon mixed with some of the most prolific beats you have ever heard in the world.

Best Christian Hip-Hop Album Ever!
Reviewer: K-J
4-God has set the standard for Christian Hip-Hop. His lyrics are on point and his delivery is perfect. This album is a must have for anyone who likes Hip-Hop music.
-www.CD Baby.com-

“Your music is amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing. Gods blessed you with your lyrics and words. Now that your living 4 God, Nothing returns void so His will, will be done! You've already inspired me and many other people with your music. Much Luv <3”

“I'm a Pastor's Daughter and I really dig your music, don't really like a lot of Christian rap, yours is pretty tight! I can tell you’re a man of God! Enjoy your music!
God Bless!”

“Thank you so much for reaching out with your music.
I love it! I'm 14 and struggle with my faith being Christian in front of my friends.
But then I see someone like you and it gives me courage. Thanks
God bless”

“I listened to more of your stuff and I'm telling you that God has a plan for His soldiers to rise up and I can tell He's working in your life through your music. People need to hear positive stuff that Glorifies are Heavenly Father rather then the worldly foolishness. I tell you homie; the Righteous will become more Righteous and the wicked will become more wicked in the end of days... its time to battle for Christ cause if it is the end times then time to get busy.”
~Jonathan David~

- Various

"4-God - The Movement"

Reaching the Unchurched while ‘The intro’ blasts why his name is 4-God, he explains some rappers rap 4 da streets, 4 da hood, 4 da doe, so he is rapping 4 God. 4-God is an emcee that has a mass appeal flow that seems like he is fresh off of a Major Label. This Release “The Movement” is a solid album to enlighten unbelievers to come to the cross and also to entertain the church. 4 God states he is new but the way he comes off he must have had some prior experience on the mic with his effortless flow. Along with supa-producerman Aaron on the tracks this is a worth the funds spent to buy this cd.

The Rapper who is living 4 Christ explains the birth of his whole music ministry in the track “The Movement”. He is saying that you have to be apart of the Right movement which is in God. It is apart of God’s plan so you can’t be stopped, this is a very inspiring track for artist and whomever is searching to find there purpose.

The soul filled track “Let’s Be” shows his oneness with his spouse a very heart felt song which the hook is sung by psalmist Camesha Thomas. “Let’s Be” is a song of saying hey you love God and I do too lets stay together in him aaawwww (gotta save this one for my wife to listen take notes fellas).

“The Stomp” will get the Church and the Streets on their feet and march for the Lord of Host. It came off to a slow start but the song didn’t disappoint. You’ll get a flashback of the high school band while 4-God does his thing.

4-God has some anthems for the Youth such as “DO YA THING”. This is a track that should be pumped all around the emcee tells listeners to be yourself and live for God. “You can’t be afraid of what people think/I know they talk you cuz you don’t smoke or drink/ THEY gonna past judgment on you anyway so DO YA THING”. As the Hook goes on I know a lot of youth who are getting caught up in the wrong things but came up in church need to really listen to this track. – DAT’S GOSPEL !

Temptation track was sample heavy good track but the Hook made the song come up short. This is a song about the many things the enemy brings in the form of lust. This tracks shows the reasons why relationships are destroyed because of the temptations that come and overtake the saints.

The Stand out track is “Who Knew” another Aaron James banger that 4-God does his thing. This has the Real West Coast feel in it as 4 God asked Who Knew that somebody would come with the Passion of Christ. He preaches with witty lines, great rhyme schemes, word link up just right, and the track is supa hot Dr. Dre get yo soul right and peep ministry! This track makes me think 4 God just came out of his prayer closet swing!

The Movement is a awesome Cd from a Rey of Hope Records. The production is solid but has a repetitive feel by the time you almost at the end of the cd due to one producer which isn’t a bad thing. Because Aaron James held it down and it is a rare thing these days to have one producer. If your in the church or out the Church you need this 4-God Cd!
- Written by Brinson of Trailblazin Ministries

"4-God - The Movement"

4-God - The Movement
Published Wednesday 7th February 2007

STYLE: Hip-Hop
RATING: 8 out of 10
OUR PRODUCT CODE: 21502-12035
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Reviewed by T A Sutherland

The underground delivers once again with a breath of fresh air. Enter US-based 4-God with his first offering, an album that's well rounded with a strong instrumental edge, drawing on a wide spectrum of sounds and vibes. As the man says, "This album is the definition of feel good music," and definitely leaves you wanting second helpings. Standouts include the anthemic dynamism of "Who New" where Jeremiah Tutstone handles the hook skillfully, perfectly complimenting the track. For me the most airplay worthy tracks are the serene "Dreams", so inspirational and uplifting that it needs to get the remix treatment, a life changer of a sound. Hot on its heels is the soul rich vibe of "Lets Be" which deals with the process of finding "the one" and does so with a really fresh approach. In addition to an eloquent and compelling lyrical flow, 4-God speaks transparently into life's big issues. Despite a smattering of cheesy numbers this is a must have album containing too much to mention to fully do it justice.

- T. A. Sutherland from Cross Rhytms


"The Movement" Now Available on iTunes
Purchase "The Movement" at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/4god
Read the Great Review from Gospel Flava:



4-GOD has been involved with Hip Hop music for twelve years now. Starting at the young age of fifteen, his goal was to ultimately be a producer. He instead decided to focus on learning the craft of being an MC. He started by rhyming words and using metaphors to demonstrate why he should be known as an elite rapper. Battling other MC’s was a must and then he began to freestyle everything. 4-GOD learned that freestyle was the beginning of him becoming a true artist and motivated him to start writing songs. He named himself 4-STAR and was part of a group called SHOGUN with four other MC’s (A1, WTK, Big Joe & Sonny Black). They performed and recorded many songs together as a young group. He went on to write more solo projects and found that fulfillment didn’t start for him until he tied in his Christian faith with his Hip Hop talent. GOD revealed to 4-STAR that his purpose was to use Hip-Hop to represent HIM. This began the transition to the name 4-GOD.

“I don’t rap for the streets or for the kids. I rap 4-GOD. It was GOD who blessed me with the ability to be able to relate to the youth’s struggle. I have had many experiences that were good and bad in my lifetime. Without pain and struggles there would be nothing to learn from. This past year GOD has shown me my purpose in life and that is to live for HIM, 4-GOD,” says, 4-GOD.

4-GOD signed with Rey of Hope Records and recorded his first album “The Movement” in spring of 2005 which is available now! “This album is really well rounded and very instrumental. This Album is the definition of feel good music.” 4-GOD continues to write new music and grow in his walk with God. “The Movement Has Begun!”

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