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A Powerful Package! Presented as Testimonial Music, J.Robinson's style is whats missing from today's hip-hop industry! The Rejoice Lounge sets the stage for J. to connect with his listeners through his life's testimony. His struggles and triumphs are recorded in such a fashion, its captivating!



“Through the power of my testimony” tells J. Robinson as he notes why he rejoices with his latest project. The Rejoice Lounge is in direct response to his life up until now. As he began to write this album he recalls going through so much, “practically raising myself in the streets because my mother was blind and my father was in jail he says, I knew God had his hand in the mist of my problems.” Running the streets and being a follower of drugs, guns, sex, crime, and underprivileged youths he say’s “I had no idea how to be a man, a father, a husband, let alone a citizen in my community. I was flying off the seat of my pants, thinking I knew what life was all about”. Until he fell into the hands of God when all he knew crumbled before his eyes. Facing a life full of crime, missed education, and a life full of pain and hurt, deriving from his actions and untamed adolescence, he decided to receive Christ at the point of no return.

In a more peculiar setting he received Christ during his mother’s funeral, vowing to turn his life around and live the life she wanted so much for him, only if she had her sight to raise him. He proclaimed to live for Christ for his mom, not knowing that his life was at the forefront of change. Leaving Miami, Fl where he grew up to begin a new in Massachusetts, at the age of seventeen he started to take his life public through music.

In 1998 he began to display his life musically in churches around the Boston area. Receiving the blessings and instruction from his first Pastor Dr. Gary Palmer, he set out to help those in a life similar to his by telling of his life’s problems and successes through music “I find even if you are young or old in age music has this type of gravity to it.” If you are working out in the gym, feeling sad, celebrating, or just chilling, there’s some type of tune that will fit your present circumstance. So with that said, I pair my music with my testimony, my life’s struggles and triumphs. I put my happiness, sadness, curiosity, struggles, and progress in my music, and you have Testimony Music”.

Keeping his music in prospective with his life and today’s time, he continues to bring his listeners new and intriguing sounds keeping up with the beat and sometimes creating timeless tunes ahead of their time.

“Now when I get on stage” he says, “I speak the truth, I have very little metaphors in my songs, they are filled with encouragement, motivation, hope, and progression. I keep it real” “The Rejoice tells the listener what I have overcome and why I am joyful because of it” We overcome by the power of our testimony; folks are freed from hurt, pain, and struggles just by knowing that someone else is experiencing something of the like. Keeping it real, on a ground level is how I describe my writings. Testimonial is how I describe my Music”.

In today’s music industry this is the missing piece from the puzzle, someone so genuine in his lyrics and yet creative enough to keep up with sounds of the times.
Aspiring producer/artist J.Robinson is just around the corner from creating an uplifting, gravitating, motivational, emergence at his next event.

The Rejoice Lounge, ©(2009)
Available Online July 21st


Arms Out (excerpt)

Written By: J.Robinson

I’m headed to the altar,
to see my father,
satan back down,
I wouldn’t even bother.
Because I’m fully convinced
the Lord saved me,
they can call me fanatical,
they can call me crazy.
People wanna ask me,
why I don’t go out no more,
they don’t see me late night,
at the package store.
I don’t come through the hood,
trying to cop that weed
yo I’m living for the Lord,
cause he set me free.

Quick Quotes

Written By: J.Robinson

I seek to inspire,
I seek to challenge,
I seek to be an example, and
I seek to be real.

What you hear is what I went through in my life. It just so happens that God blessed me with the gift to put it to music.

"I grind hard, so He can shine hard"

"I’m Living for Him
because cause he Died for me"


Radio Airplay: The Rejoice Lounge 2009
2.Break Through
3.Role Call
4.All I Want

2007-Nu Lyfe (LP)
2004-R U Save (EP)
2001-Substantial (LP)

Set List

1. Blessed
2. Role Call
3. Break Through-Gotta Get It
4. I Do it For You
5. All I Want
6. Every Day
7. Permanent Praise
8. Living For Him
9. Faith In The Son
10. Rejoice Lounge-The Shield
11. One Way Out
12. Praise Session
13. Coming Back To You
14. Beyond Repentance
15. Arms Out