Karmen Michael

Karmen Michael


When it comes to being a true entertainer, Karmen Michael is that artist. This talented singer, songwriter and producer crosses the lines of pop and R&B effortlessly. Karmen delivers with his larger than life performances, soothing and soulful voice that beautifully complements his rhythmic lyrics.



Karmen Michael was raised alongside four siblings amidst the humble backdrop of Texas. But at a time when most kids are out playing, Karmen was dreaming of a better life for his family. Karmen found solace in music using the family coffee table as an imaginary piano, he dreamed of being an artist. “We couldn’t afford music lessons or a piano, so you learn to hear music in your head first.” At 19-years-old, Karmen decided to leave the Lone Star State to follow his passion and pursue a professional career in music in New York City. Within weeks after making a home in Harlem, Karmen was performing at local clubs, open mic sets and lounges throughout the city.

While singing at a myriad of popular NYC venues, he realized that he was still struggling to find “people” who believed in him. So, Karmen created his own label, taught himself how to produce, take his on photographs, Photoshop, book, and manage shows. “When no one believes in you, you MUST believe in yourself! I was homeless at one point and sleeping on the floors and sofas at various friends’ apartments. Yet it never killed my drive. You, have to be your motivation and encouragement. It made me a better artist and person,” says Karmen.

It’s Possible, opens with a thunderous title track and proceeded by the soon-to-be pop classic, “For U.” Karmen’s street level inspiration is refreshing. He quenches the demand for catchy hooks on contagious songs like, “Me” Keeping in the Texas tradition of line dance, he surprises you with a sure to be southern craze, “Texas 2 Step.”
Karmen’s effortlessly paints vivid dream-like landscapes with his voice and lyrics on songs like, “Alone,” where you hear the influence of Patti Labelle in his adlibs and on “Undone,” and “No Room for Love,” a pop ballad much like Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. The most notable of these songs is the meticulously crafted, “In the Name of Love.” Every second of this song holds the listener captive to sheer genius of Karmen knowing when to get out of the way and letting the music happen. Pop music hasn’t experienced this organic creativeness since the days of producing legend Quincy Jones.
After listening to this CD, you will know Karmen Michael… not for reminding you of somebody, but because he IS somebody. Karmen Michael is here ladies and gentlemen and he’s living proof that it’s possible!


It's Possible 2008
Takeover- the EP 2007
No Room For Love (single) 2006
Dance - EP 2004
Deceptive Intelligence 2002

Set List

varies. always includes 1 cover