Hard electronic dance music with flares of classic rock, 90s rock, and metal.



4LMNTZ developed his acquired taste for electronic music at the youthful age of 15, diving headfirst into Italian house, electronica, and electro thrash. As time passed, 4LMNTZ's rock roots mixed with his yearning for harder styles from Europe. Learning the ropes on two modern Numark turntables, months passed as 4LMNTZ practiced and expanded his technological inventory, eventually upgrading to Serato.

Utilizing his networking and social media skills, weekly house parties in Boston became an avenue for expansion. 4LMNTZ provided 5-8 hour sets, enabling him to react to a crowd and focus on a particular style, honing in on a fusion of electronica and metal. Utilizing his networking, he started working with support from many crews such as Embrace Boston, True Productions, Steez, Staybad, Crush Boston, Hype Nightlife, & Elemental Productions. Elemental Productions was founded by 4LMNTZ in early 2011 as a way to create a collective of creative minds & artists.

4LMNTZ supplies versatile mixing in a variety of genres and styles. With an unconventional set-up, 4LMNTZ has opened eyes with his intuitive templates, mappings, and controllerism. Opening for international acts such as Pendulum, Doctor P, Downlink, Kill The Noise, Terravita, & Thomas Gold, 4LMNTZ is nowhere near finished.