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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Rock Metal




"4MAG NITROUS ‘High Road’ EP Review & Stream"

Straight to the point, I am a bona fide sucker for southern metal. I don’t know particularly why, perhaps it was my upbringing in the deep south, or maybe not, who’s to say?

More than likely it is because of the ballsy rock’s got-everything-to-prove truths and hard as nails attitude… oh, and those damned heavy grooves (can’t forget those, right?)! Certain bands just emanate all of that in their music, they are able to channel their roots, both musical and human, in such a way that it is lethal. The subjects of today’s reviewing spotlight, Louisiana’s 4MAG NITROUS, do it in spades, and in such a way that “lethal” is nearly too tame a word to use concerning the results.

In March, the band – Joel Cangiolosi (vocals / guitar), Kib Prestridge (bass), Wayne Poche (drums), and new guitarist Ben Michon – will release their third official outing, the four-song ‘High Road‘ EP. It is set to arrive digitally on March 1st and CD on April 1st, and I am here to tell you now that you are more than likely gonna love the hell outta the great southern ass-kick that is this short player.

With sonic aspects that are ferociously untamed, with massive riffs, dense rhythms, and dizzying drum work, this is music rife with the type of aural language derived only from where someone dwells. In this case, it is way, way down below the Mason-Dixon Line, from deepest southern Louisiana and you will know that the instant this machine gets underway with “HWY 44 Roadkill“. This chunky chugger, with its thick guitars, locomotive-like rhythms, and decimating drum work, is a grit-impacted rager right off the proverbial line.

Make sure not to blank out on the song’s mid-section either, as there is some fantastic interplay between the guys. The instruments firing away, yet complementing one another as they set things up for some exceptional guitar solos.

Our ferocious foursome soon engage the latter part of their name when they unleash the supercharged second song, “Cosmic Feet” (streaming). This number gains serious traction as its backing momentum builds by the nanosecond, never letting up as it careens about at dizzying, break-neck paces. For its follow-up, “Dragnut” (streaming), the band displays a more harmonic side (not to be mistaken for “melodic”), a lot of which is derived from guitar tones in this case.

One thing that is never melodic on these songs is the vocals gracing each of them, they are gravelly and aggressive, at times bringing to mind another son of The Creole State, Exhorder’s Kyle Thomas. Perhaps he is an influence on Cangiolosi or maybe he isn’t and this is just happenstance, but either way we now arrive at the stand out cut, “One Shot“. From the lyrics, the guys seem to referring to a gun shot, but it may as well be nitrous, adrenaline, or even cocaine because this song has such an incredible kick to it.

Like an ironclad mule on steroids, the 4MN pit crew unleash a hybrid beast of backwoods groove metal possessed by a bit of thrash madness. That singular, isolated discharge referenced in the title strikes and leaves you reeling amid a thunderous maelström of musicality. Guitar strikes pierce like lightning, the bass and drum section emit a pummeling tumult of rhythmic blasts and, depending on your tastes, this song may just be the high watermark of the album.

Yes, depending on those tastes and what constitutes them, there is huge potential for you digging 4MAG NITROUS and their upcoming ‘High Road‘ EP release. Perhaps you are already well into the band, having heard them on your own, or maybe via A&E’s “Dog The Bounty Hunter”, Discovery Channel’s “Monster Garage“, or Lionsgate Films’ “Wrong Side Of Town“, as their music has been used in each in the past.

In closing, if music described as a band like Hell Camino or Floodgate melded with Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned and then distilled through Motörhead is appealing to you, then get a swig of this! Like 4MAG NITROUS, you too can take the ‘High Road’ when the EP arrives this week (digitally), or next month (April – physically).

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor - Riff Relevant

"4Mag Nitrous - High Road (by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein)"

I have never ventured in the Southern East areas of the US, but I bet that once I will take that trip, which I hope any time soon, putting on earphones and listening to the local Metal representations, the experience would become two times intense. Through their next in line release, in the body of a four track EP entitled “High Road”, I got to know the Metallic truckers, 4MAG NITROUS. I just wish that I had got to know them sooner, yet nowadays, the options are limitless.

Though their production values on this EP are closer to raw than a cleaner mix, I had the feeling that any step, every measure, was meant to be. It felt natural listening to such grease and dirt in the band’s music, a kind of music that initially was meant for the local folk, yet crossed over into newly found territories.

4MAG NITROUS are the real thing in Southern Metal, and not just because they had time to perfect their methods, going on almost two decades, but mainly due to their tough attitude. Showing influences of BLACK SABBATH, CLUTCH, MONSTER MAGNET, with gutsy MOTORHEADish leather and spikes, it left a mark. The band puked their fair share of meaty swinging grooves, blasting at will with a wicked form of steel bound rhythm section along with sharing neat guitar work that crosses decades of Rock / Metal music and that is no soloing shy. Everything is American made, no more and no less, not leaving any stone unturned.

Bikers, truckers of the South, I am sorry fellas, but I believe that other Metalheads should be in for the party, once 4MAG NITROUS are inviting. With such tunes as the groovy maniacal “Dragnut” and the catalyst of this story, “One Shot”, which screams Redneck with its strong riffery, the Europeans could have a ball in the pit.

Thank you boys for this fine show of force, now head back for a full length please. - Metal Temple

"4Mag Nitrous?"

By "immyownenemy" (Amazon.com - UK)

4Mag Nitrous? Who are they? Well, they're a band from South Louisiana, so thats probably why you haven't heard of them. Also as far as I know, this is their first album produced and they're little known.

What do they sound like? Well the main website classes them as a "Heavy stoner rock band" and I'd agree. This album itself is a nice refreshing listen from the majority of metal albums thrown out today (or should I say fake metal?) and although this album is far from perfect, it shows how great this band could possibly be. I occaisionally listen to them and think of Down as they have some of their elements (haven't heard Down? Then you're missing one of the best bands of the last ten years).

The album opens with "Cypress Stumps & Flies" and the intro is nothing special in itself, it breaks no barriers - however it is an excellent opener to an album in the effect that it introduces the bands style, you know what to expect and it puts you in the right frame of mind for the whole album, I would say without this track there would be a problem that you were left in the dark wondering what to expect, but this track defines 4Mag Nitrous.

"10ft Tall & Bulletproof" is an excellent song, I let my friend hear it and he bought the album solely on this one track. It's incredibly varied, but not to the extent where it changes every second, just so you keep occupied. "Gas Fumez" is my favorite track on the album and has a very bizarre structure to it, "Weber City Bar" as it is named on the album back is yet another great song, a bit more rocky feel to this one.

"Pistolwhipped" is probably where the album suffers from becoming too samey, however a solo saves it (and a damn nice one too) and its under three minutes, so no real complaints. "Skavova" is where the album immediatly plunges into a slow song (but not quiet in the least) and although I felt such a track was needed for the album, this just didn't work. The constant stopping and restarting of the song kept me wanting it to be over. Luckily, this is saved by "Ambulance Wreckage" which keeps slightly different from the rest of the album without distancing itself too much like "Skavova", its fast and funky and the type of thing that'd stick in your mind, great riffs too, although I swear I've heard one of them before.

The album finishes with "Guillotine" which again seems quite rocky and doesn't seem an ending track in itself. This could be bacuse of the track itself or because the album doesn't even hit the half an hour mark before it finishes (the album is 27.52). The track is good, but not as a finisher by far.

That said, slightly disgruntled about the shortage of time on this album, it only wanted to make me listen to it more. 4Mag Nitrous may never make it to your favorites pile, but it'll always be there and you'll always want a listen. I imported the album for £4.00. If you won't pay as little as that for an album as great as this, then you're either cheap or don't appreciate great metal. My friend bought this because of one song, I'd advise you to do the same even if you'd never heard a thing.

4 Stars, the album feels incomplete, but it has some great moments. I'd only complain about more solo's (I don't think there's many solo's - slap me if I'm wrong) and of course a true finisher... and the time. Had anything else been wrong with this album it would've dropped to three stars, but four it is and a four star album you deserve to own. - AMAZON (UK)

"5 out of 5 stars"

5 out of 5 stars 4 mag, 17 Feb 2006 - By sherona

I was um i think 11 or 12 when i heard the song cypress stumps and flies on monster garage and I'm a huge metal head, I'm 15 now, my dad bought me this CD [after much bugging and begging for it] and i finally got it when i turned 13, I've never gotten tired of this CD and 4 mag is definitely one of my fave bands ever. My fave song would have to be guillotine, but that's only because i totally over played cypress stumps and flies. All the songs i love and i cant really just say i have one favorite but guillotine is the kind of song that's supposed to get you pumped up lol. well, I've been waiting and waiting for them to come out with their next CD, probably wont be for a while because of the hurricane:( but when they do ill be sure to get it. any metal fan who's interested in developing bands check these guys out.! - AMAZON (UK)


4MAG (Self-Titled) - 2005
MONSTER GARAGE (Comp CD - Season 1) - 2004
MONSTER GARAGE (Comp CD - Season 2) - 2005



4MAG NITROUS are an American Metal/Hard Rock band from South Louisiana.

If Pantera and Monster Magnet got into a bar fight, then 4MAG NITROUS would more than likely be the band playing the soundtrack for it! --- Metal, Inc. (2021)

With Jol Cangiolosi's heavy melodic vocals, along with his and Ben Michon's double guitar assault - mix in Kib's growling bottom end from the bass, and Josh Klipstein's thunderous drums, 4MAG NITROUS had found their distinct monstrous engine sound of crushing concrete, leaving every performance with only the smell of burnt rubber.

​4MAG NITROUS has also many publishing endeavors in both TV and Film. 4MAG has licensed songs for the Discovery Channels hit show, ‘Monster Garage’ (Season 1 &2 – along with each seasons CD release), A&E's series 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and Lionsgate Films movie, ‘Wrong Side of Town’. 4MAG is played on radio stations worldwide and Sirius/XM radio. 4MAG NITROUS has also charted at #13 on the CMJ’s top hard rock bands. 4MAG has performed on nationally syndicated music television shows such as Louisiana Jukebox & SXSW Music Showcases.

​In August 2021, 4MAG NITROUS will released their 3rd album – Electric Conception. With release of a new album and ALWAYS booking live shows - 4MAG NITROUS is once again roaring out of the cosmos and onto the streets, running over everything in their way!

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