Four Stops to Freedom

Four Stops to Freedom

 Long Beach, California, USA

We aren't afraid to shake things up. We will play a full rock show, rocking the faces off everyone one night, and then come back the next with the same songs arranged for acoustic guitar and a string quartet. We LOVE playing MUSIC, and ours is malleable and ready to fit any venue at any time!


Based out of Long Beach, Four Stops To Freedom is an alternative rock/acoustic pop band comprised of 4 very passionate and gifted musicians who hail from all over the United States. Formed in the summer of 2010, this band has already put a notable dent in the music scene with their stand-out vocals and genuine focus on expressing a positive message. With an emphasis on incorporating strong 3-part harmonies, 4Stops uses their lyrics to convey the experience of deep emotion. Finding the light and hope in a dark moment, they hope to convey what an emotion feels like, which they believe delves into an even deeper level of storytelling.

The founder of Four Stops To Freedom, Steve Maggiora (lead singer/keyboardist/guitarist), brought together musicians who all share the same profound passion for music. Troy Roe (drums/vocals) brings an immense sense of power to this band with his epic vocal range, extensive studio experience and expert percussive intricacies. Andrew Espantman (bass) is also an extremely skilled drummer, whose musical knowledge and percussive expertise enable him to lay in the pocket consistently, adding richness and depth to the foundation of their sound and all that built upon it. Jake Hamilton (lead guitar/vocals), the newest addition to the band, "brings an awesome life to the music", as noted by Steve. All musicians have toured internationally, performing music around the globe. Their premiere album, “At The End Of The World”, can be found on iTunes.


Through the Darkness EP - 2008
At The End Of The World - 2010

Set List

Terror & Wonder
Lights Over Pedro
As Tomorrow Turns
Bittersweet Allowances
You'll See
The End
Love Song For The Devil
Baby One More Time (Britney Spears Cover)
Hey Lady
Call It What You Will
All We Were
Through The Darkness